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  • Science Fair Hypothesis

    Hypothesis- Science Fair Name: Gustavo Hernandez Date: Nov.28.2015 Partner: N/A Experimental Question, Independent Variable, and Dependent Variable: Do video games affect memory? Memory is an incredible thing and some parts of it we do not even understand, so in this new era with video games rising in popularity and being in many different households do video games affect gaming? The testing will be done by manipulating a game playing time between studying and taking a quiz. A test subject will be given five minutes to study a list of words, then a twenty minute break will be taken which will be different between the test subjects, one subject will play Minecraft for those twenty minutes while the other Test Subject will watch television in those twenty minutes then both test subjects will take a small quiz based of the study guide and then both quizzes will be graded and compared. This will test the test subject’s memory with gaming and without gaming. Hypothesis: I determined from my research that video games have a positive effect on the human memory unless it were to be played at an obsessive level. Therefore, if a human played a moderate and fair amount of video games than their memory will improve temporarily and permanently in a positive way.…

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  • Tap Water Hypothesis

    The null hypothesis I will also test is, The type of water will have no impact on how people rank its taste. Another possible claim is, The type of water bottled or tap will have a positive impact on how people rank its taste with tap water coming out on top. The research hypothesis is more plausible because even though some bottled water is regular tap water sometimes it is processed to improve its taste. For this reason some would say that bottled water tastes better than tap water. In a…

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  • Evaluate Two Research Hypothesis

    Hypothesis This study attempts to assess two research hypotheses. Our hypothesis answers the research question, what difference, if any, can be found between the two concentration when describing dissertation characteristics? Our first hypothesis (H1) states that clinical track dissertations are more likely to be experimental than administrative track dissertations. Our second hypothesis (H2) states administrative track dissertations are more likely to have advanced statistical analyses than…

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  • Earth Worm Lab Hypothesis

    investigations by investigating and writing down what happened. One cross-cutting concept that was in the lab was patterns because 3 out of 4 experiments ended in the worm picking the same thing 3 times. The first hypothesis is that if worms are placed in an area with light and darkness then the worm will move toward the light. The results of the experiment was that the worm went toward the light once, and to the dark side twice. I reject my hypothesis because the worm went toward the dark side,…

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  • Relationship Between Hypothesis And Law

    Essay Final 2) Explain in detail the relationship between the concepts of a hypothesis, theory, and law. Be sure to not only define each word but to discuss the intricacies of how these three concepts are related. You should also include a discussion that explains why a scientist might get offended by someone who refuses to accept the validity of a scientific theory by claiming, “it’s just a theory,” and someone who claims that a hypothesis is an educated guess. A hypothesis is based on prior…

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  • Hypothesis Test Hypothesis

    The team’s null hypotheses or (HO) is that Hispanic pay is greater than or equal to $30,000. The team’s alternative hypothesis or (H1) is that Hispanic pay is less than $30,000. The significance level has been set at .05 or 95%. The z score of .05 is -1.645. If the z-value is less than -1.645 then the team can reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis. If the z-value is greater than -1.645 then the team fails to reject the null hypothesis, meaning Hispanic workers do, in…

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  • Null Hypothesis Essay

    Exercise 7 (set 1) 1. What are three versions of the null hypothesis? The three versions of the null hypothesis are: (1) “the observed difference was created by sampling error”, (2) “there is no true difference between the two groups” and (3) “the true difference between the two groups is zero.” (Barker, 56-57) 2. Is the null hypothesis typically stated in social scientific research? Why/why not? The null hypothesis is not usually stated in social scientific research. Researchers rarely state…

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  • Null Hypothesis

    RESULT & OBSERVATION The hypothesis for statistical testing must be written as Null hypothesis (H0) and Alternate (Research) hypothesis (H1) form. H0 1= There is no significant relationship between body height, foot length and knee height in both the sexes. H1 1= There is relationship between body height, foot length and knee height and are significant in both the sexes. H0 2= Body height is equally…

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  • Hypothesis About Sordaria

    Introduction The propose of this experiment was to see if we could conducted an experiment that we could elect data and act our hypothesis about sordaria. We hypothesized if tan and black sordaria got placed together to cross over, we could expect out of 50 sordarias that 27 would cross over and 23 would not cross over. Some research has brought up some discussion about how much tan or black sordaria is one the agar square to begin with. (Kitani 1961) If these numbers are more than the other,…

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  • Null And Alternative Hypothesis In Research

    Hypothesis test How to find the sample size for analytical studies and experiments? State the null and alternative hypothesis. Choose the statistical test based on the type of predictor and outcome variables. Choose an appropriate effect size. Set type 1 (alpha) and type 2 (beta) error. Use the appropriate table to to look for the corresponding sample size. Basic Concepts Hypotheses: Null and Alternative hypotheses People often look into statistical relationship through the test of…

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