Relationship Between Hypothesis And Law

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2) Explain in detail the relationship between the concepts of a hypothesis, theory, and law. Be sure to not only define each word but to discuss the intricacies of how these three concepts are related. You should also include a discussion that explains why a scientist might get offended by someone who refuses to accept the validity of a scientific theory by claiming, “it’s just a theory,” and someone who claims that a hypothesis is an educated guess.
A hypothesis is based on prior knowledge and observations; it should be falsifiable. Hypotheses are used in experiments to predict the outcome explaining why, how, or what will happen in an experiment. In order for hypotheses to be deemed correct, they must be supported by the experiment.
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Theories are explanations. If a hypothesis asks what, then it is a law. A law is a description of why or how things happen. They are all connected but they all have different ways of interpreting science.
If someone tells a scientist that “it’s just a theory” then he would be offended because a theory is backed up by so many different experiments. A lot of effort goes into making theories. If someone does not accept a theory, it is almost like all of the scientist’s work was for nothing. Theories explain laws.
A hypothesis is not an “educated guess”. It is much more than that. Scientists do not “guess”, they predict based off of past experiments and their own knowledge. If hypotheses were guesses, then experiments would not work and nothing would be learned from scientific observations and experiments.
Many people confuse hypothesis, theory, and law. They are all connected but are all different. People need to understand these differences because without understanding them, our society cannot understand the world of science as scientists began to make more and more
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