Tap Water Hypothesis

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How often do you get thirty? Does a glass of water seem to do the job? The research question I am investigating is What is the preferred type of drinking water, NYC bottled water of tap water? This research question is important because we need to know whether the best tasting water is the one most people drink. This research shows the repeatability of a procedure in a different setting because this research has been done before but not with the water types I’m using and my location. In this research I will look at the impact of one type of bottled water, Poland spring and NYC tap water on taste test ranking. I plan to lay out the two different water samples, persons who are willing to participate in the experiment will be asked to taste …show more content…
The null hypothesis I will also test is, The type of water will have no impact on how people rank its taste. Another possible claim is, The type of water bottled or tap will have a positive impact on how people rank its taste with tap water coming out on top. The research hypothesis is more plausible because even though some bottled water is regular tap water sometimes it is processed to improve its taste. For this reason some would say that bottled water tastes better than tap water. In a blind taste test done the cheapest bottled water Kmart’s American Fare won followed by big seller Aquafina which is just tap water and in third place was NYC tap water which tied with Iceland Spring. Even though some bottled water is tap water the taste is sometimes improved. The background information for this project that helped me form my research hypothesis comes from four sources. They are Tap water vs. bottled water: which is healthier? , Is bottled water better than tap?. Bottled versus tap: which is safer?, Water survey of my sample population and Maintaining the superiority of NYC’s drinking …show more content…
This information supports and at the same time contradicts my hypothesis because its states that the taste of bottled water has been improved even though it’s just regular tap water but tap water may be safer to drink because its more regulated. The information in this article is similar to another article titled tap water vs. bottled water: which is safer they both state that some bottled water is regular tap water. One critique I have of this article is an experiment was not done.
Another article which was used was Maintaining the superiority of Nyc’s drinking water and some main points from this article was that NYC takes pride in providing tap water that is unfiltered but disinfected with ultraviolet radiation. A great portion of money has been spent to get affordable and quality water for NYC. This article provides background information for my essay as it gives information of tap water. The information in this article is not really similar to any other article. I have no critiques for this

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