Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water Essay

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On average, thirsty customers in the U.S. throw away sixty million water bottles a day, and for every five water bottles consumed, one is recycled. The length of time for plastic water bottles to decompose is between four hundred and one thousand years. People may choose to drink bottled water over tap water with the misconception that it is the cleaner, tastier, or even a healthier choice. The rate at which people are consuming bottled water is causing landfills to be filled with approximately seventy-five percent of the plastic water bottles that are made. While bottled water sales increase, the consumption of tap water is the most advantageous choice for health benefits, environment conservation, and affordability as a choice for the consumer.
Bottled water is misperceived to be the wiser choice for the average American. The impression that it is the healthier choice. “But no one should think that bottled water is better regulated, better protected, or safer than tap” ~Eric Goldstein (Bottled Water vs Tap Water: Rethink). In one case, water bottle companies purchased water from a well located near hazardous waste, and one of the bottling companies labeled their products “Spring Water”. In another case, water that was sold to consumers labeled “pure glacier water” , actually came from a public water source in Alaska (Bottled Water vs Tap Water: Rethink). Since the Food and Drug Administration has loose regulations on bottled water, companies are able to deceive the…

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