Bottled Water Go Away Summary

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Isabel Johnson’s article “Bottled Water, Go Away” brings up a different perspective to an ongoing debate over the impacts of plastic water bottles on the world. She presents both the pros and cons of bottled water. Her reasons, however, do not provide a strong argument since she does not clearly support a single claim. Nonetheless, the reasoning behind her logic is supported using information obtained from research. Her credibility is built, but at the same time lost, from using these resources because they are not suitable to cite. Using pathos, she manipulates the emotions of the audience by pointing out the negatives that come from drinking out of water bottles. By having an unclear perspective on the entire situation, the author lacks the opposition of a naysayer. As appealing as the article would be to the Shorthorn audience, in response to the request of the Shorthorn editor, I cannot recommend …show more content…
Johnson tries to make a claim, but fails to make it impactful by implementing too many details that do not sway the audience to either side. Her reasoning behind the many facts she provides show why or why not bottles should still be bought. Although the points addressed are informative, they do not influence the reader. Johnson’s credibility is lost from the use of biased sources for research, and trust for her is also lost as she doesn’t clearly state to which side of the issue she is on. Emotionally, however, she does a great job by making the audience feel bad for consuming water bottles; but also leaves the audience grateful for the life-saving water bottles. The lack of a counterargument doesn’t give the article a purpose; the article just states facts which will leave the Shorthorn audience uninterested. On the subject of plastic water bottle consumption, the reader will be left indifferent with little care of whether they keep consuming or switch to reusable

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