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  • Personal Narrative-Changing Experience Of Lying In Middle School

    Lying on my bedroom floor, I cried. It wasn’t one of those angry cries or stress cries, it was a cry that highlighted the hurt and pain that consumed me. I couldn’t comprehend what I did to deserve any of it, so I just cried. No one could hear me. Earlier that day in 2012, I woke up to my regular, everyday routine. From the kitchen, my mom yelled, “Wake up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Grumbling, I got out of my bed and started getting ready. It was a lovely spring morning, and I was almost done with eighth grade. Not having a phone, I pulled out my iPod to check on what my friends were doing. Social media consumed my middle school mindset, and at the time, I couldn’t see how it was slowly eating my life away. Walking to the bus stop, I turned my music on loud and isolated myself from the other kids. Being the stereotypical middle schooler, I believed that I was too cool to talk…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Sister, Julia

    than that. When I first knew my sister she was serious and separate from me. My parents had divorced and I fitted perfectly into the family my mother constructed with her boyfriend. She felt discarded, too old, too bitter a bad fit for this new situation. I remember being slapped and teased and her doing everything that she could do to make me feel her pain. And then, with puberty, I felt her pain too. But she felt pain that was deeper, a remote cousin to the darkest depths of mine. She stole…

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  • The Diary Of A Young Girl: An Analysis

    of comfort I would have that day. Years passed, and the same routine occurred. Go to school, do homework, get in trouble, bawl my eyes out with a single look from my father, never get into trouble (excluding the one time I stole from Target). Eventually little crybaby Kathryn got her crap together and decided crying and being awkward consistently was probably not the best thing. However, because my childhood was filled with rules and regulations for being a "respectable young lady", I never…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Significant Day In My Life

    news, and all I wanted to do after finding out was go lay in my bed and cry. However, that 's not what happened, and the day was long from being over. It was a sunny, somewhat chilly Friday afternoon, and I was supposed to be dismissed early from my 7th period class to board the basketball bus. We were headed to Newton, who beat us by 9 earlier in the season, for a redemption game. All day at school, my stomach did flips and my feet wouldn 't stop tapping as anticipation and excitement built.…

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  • Creative Writing: Doodle's Walk

    couldn’t walk, but he wouldn’t tell his brother it in person. “When Doodle was five years old, I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn’t walk, so I set out to teach him. We were down in Old Woman Swamp and it was spring and the sick sweet smell of bay flowers hung everywhere like a mournful song. ‘I’m going to teach you to walk, Doodle,’ I said.” Doodle doubted he could walk because everybody said he wouldn’t be able to walk. “‘I can’t walk, Brother,’ he said. ‘Who says…

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  • She's Not Alone: A Narrative Fiction

    “Why?! Why did this have to happen to ME?!” I cried as other members of the parenting group tried to comfort me, “I was the best mother I could be! Why did she have to go missing?” The sounds of attempted comforting faded quickly. The silence made the aching in my heart all the worse. “She went… missing?” A fellow mother finally asked me. Her voice was hushed, as if she was afraid that someone outside our small group was going to hear her. I nodded slightly, wiping the trails of mascara off my…

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  • Fail In School

    As I was leaving the classroom, my teacher, Mr. Rase, the one I hate the most called me over and said “Jake Hazel, are you ready for the test” I quickly responded with a head nod and said, “Yeah I think I’ll be ready.” Mr. Rase then gobbled on by saying, “Fail is going to be what’s written all over your test!” So I quickly turned around and left the classroom, the only thing that I had going through my head was Mr. Rase stroking his long 2 foot beard and stamping the word “FAIL” in all capital…

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  • Personal Essay: Your Gymnastics Career Is Over

    gymnastics career is over.” I pranced my way to the middle of the floor and took my starting position. The generic routine music started off slow, but quickly picked up. It was the first meet of the season. The previous year I placed second at the Idaho State Championship, with the difference between first and second being an additional step. Although I was one level higher and had tougher competition, I was determined that this was my year to take the first place trophy. If that was going to…

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  • Edward Scissorhands-Personal Narrative

    jumped into the shower and got out 10 minutes later. 'What the hell do I wear? Are we going somewhere nice or casual? Should I text her and see? Fuck it, I 'll surprise her. ' Carmilla decided to wear her black skinny jeans with the tear on the kneecaps, her leather boots, and a black top that slightly showed off her stomach. She had the abs, so why not impress Laura? She wore her hair in the usual way, curls draping down her shoulders, while her bangs swooped over her…

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  • Personal Narrative: El Rincon De Don Pedro

    I had never seen the ocean before. I had seen charcos or “puddles”, as they call it here. I had seen ponds and wells as well, but never the ocean. You see, my homeland is in the center between land and the ocean. My homeland is called El Rincon de Don Pedro, located in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. From El Rincon de Don Pedro to the ocean, it’s about 572 km or 355.424 miles, about a 7 hr. 31 min. drive. My family and I couldn’t afford to drive such distance. We didn’t have enough money to…

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