Anaesthetics-Personal Narrative

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When I woke up I heard the sound of wheels running over linoleum flooring. I opened my eyes and saw a cart being pushed by a woman wearing minnie mouse scrubs. Why is she wearing that? I thought. I could feel the effects of the anesthetic lingering in my body. That was when I remembered I had just come out of surgery to correct my bladder. The nurse looked at me with a smile on her face, “How are you feeling sweetie? I have a toy for you to choose.” I looked towards the cart and saw the pleasurable items. I saw a stuffed toy and immediately thought of Jessie, my teddy bear, I didn’t want to offend him so I chose the Rainbow slinky. This was my very first memory. Ever since it has felt like I’ve been prone to getting hurt.
Not many years later I was in my bathroom banging on the 6’ by 5’ mirror that hung across the sink. Not too long after I started, I stopped with shattered glass all around. My mom was in the bathroom with the door closed. Once she heard the loud
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For months I had been practicing my butt off for the play I was in. The first couple of shows were great. My family hadn’t gone to any yet because my dad was just getting out of the hospital because he had Pneumonia. The one performance night I can not forget. My dad was laying on the bathroom floor when I had to go get ready for the performance. My mom was stressed. She didn’t know how she was going to get me to the school and my dad to the hospital. Someone had suggested a family friend to take me so that’s what happened. I got my makeup on and my group of people where having a really fun time and then the show was over and one of my friends took me home. I won’t forget that feeling of emptiness as I walked through the front door. I saw Katherine crying in the desk chair and that’s when it hit me that something was wrong. I had put my bag down inside my room and came out. My mom gathered my other siblings and told them the news. Dad was

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