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  • Anaesthetics-Personal Narrative

    When I woke up I heard the sound of wheels running over linoleum flooring. I opened my eyes and saw a cart being pushed by a woman wearing minnie mouse scrubs. Why is she wearing that? I thought. I could feel the effects of the anesthetic lingering in my body. That was when I remembered I had just come out of surgery to correct my bladder. The nurse looked at me with a smile on her face, “How are you feeling sweetie? I have a toy for you to choose.” I looked towards the cart and saw the pleasurable items. I saw a stuffed toy and immediately thought of Jessie, my teddy bear, I didn’t want to offend him so I chose the Rainbow slinky. This was my very first memory. Ever since it has felt like I’ve been prone to getting hurt. Not many years later I was in my bathroom banging on the 6’ by 5’ mirror that hung across the sink. Not too long after I started, I stopped with shattered glass all around. My mom was in the bathroom with the door closed. Once she heard the loud…

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  • Assignment: Museum-Based Lesson Plan

    kind of prints they would like to create. Day 3-4: Art Production Part 1 1st Sketch out your design on paper and then transfer it to tracing paper. Next flip the traced image over and trace it on the Linoleum sheet. Then place the linoleum sheet on a wooden plate (the plate is used to steady the linoleum and to prevent injury to your fingers). Students will decide what areas of their design they want to be positive or negative. Using the carving tools, students will cut away the areas…

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  • Surplus Warehouse Case Study

    The experts at Surplus Warehouse will help you find building supplies, including lumber, that comes from sustainably managed forests where the focus is on regeneration and biodiversity. Surplus Warehouse also offers an extensive selection of tile and linoleum floors. For your next home improvement project, think about making a colorful floor from recycled glass tiles or using natural linoleum floors that are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. When you’re ready to tackle your next home…

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  • The Tree Motif In Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak

    improvement. “... Maybe some thick branches… and plenty of leaves to hide the mistakes” (Anderson 32). The leaves represent the incident and how hard Melinda has been trying to hide them. By hiding herself, Melinda escapes her reality that's become a nightmare. Melinda felt dreadful in the beginning of the novel, however, later on Melinda starts to slowly show signs of improvement. In the middle of the novel, Melinda was feeling distressed and angst. Melinda was greatly distressed during this…

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  • Fat Intake Reflection

    consumed that day came from saturated fats, hence I did manage to stay within the frame recommended. Did your intake of the two essential fatty acids meet the DRIs for those nutrients? Unfortunately, my intake of the two essential fatty acids did not meet the DRI recommended for these nutrients. For the PFA 18:2, linoleic fatty acid the DRI was 12 grams and my actual intake was of 7.23 grams which was 60% of my daily intake. Furthermore, for the PFA 18:3, linolenic the DRI was 1.1 grams and…

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  • House On Mango Street Marxism

    Esperanza does not want to inherit her grandmother’s place by the window in house on Mango Street because her largest desire in life is to purchase a nice house, on a better street in a more respected neighborhood. The entire is story has very Marxism feel to it. As Esperanza tells her story she gives many examples of the belonging to lower class family living in a lower class neighborhood. The fact her family did not own a car. The manner she made it a point to disclose which of her neighbors…

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  • Analysis Of The Great Depression Memory By Bob Arnold

    Coping With the Challenges of The Great Depression The Great Depression was the aftermath of the roaring twenties. “The Depression transformed American life. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the road in search of work. Hungry men and women lined the streets of major cities” (Foner, 751). Even “thousands of families [were] evicted from their homes, moved into ramshackle shanty towns, [and] dubbed Hoovervilles that sprang up in parks and abandoned land” (Foner, 751). In the “Great…

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  • Footwear Analysis Theory

    John Zarka Mr. Kirby Forensic Science March 22, 2016 Shoe Print The basic theory behind footwear analysis is that, much like fingerprints, shoes may leave behind either prints (referred to as "imprints") or impressions that can be examined by investigators. The type of evidence left behind depends largely on the type of surface traveled. For example, a shoe will leave an impression in loose sand, but on a hard surface like concrete or linoleum, it will leave an imprint. These imprints or…

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  • Keeping Memory Alive Analysis

    Dust, dirt, and wood shavings covered the linoleum that had been laid over manure-covered boards.” The example from the text shows how Japanese-Americans in these camps had horrible living conditions and were treated unfair. During this time Japanese people living in America were seen as the enemy and because of that were treated unequal. Another example from that supports the comparison of the two stories is when the text writes,” Shivering in the cold, we pressed close together trying to…

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  • The Big Game: A Short Story

    I had been on pins and needle all day, today was the day. The day of the big game. I was relieved and terrified when the final bell blared. I hurried down the stairs and around the corner, my feet pounding on the purple and white linoleum. “Hey Sarah.” Someone called. I didn’t even attempt to turn around to see who called. I swung open the locker room door to change into my gear and then head off to the field. As I walked down the hill, which lead to the field, I checked my watch it was only…

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