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  • Classification Essay About Friendship

    Moochers are the friends that expect your left overs and thrive on doing the minimum of what 's demanded of them. "Cheap, lazy, and selfish" seems to be their motto. Not to be depended on for giving 100%, they can still be decent friends. Going above and beyond for your special needs may not be their field of expertise, but if you just need to vent your thoughts about an exhausting day then they would suffice. This type of personality, depending on the severity, can make a relationship almost impossible if the “mooching” becomes too common. Nobody wants to go out for a weekend of fun with someone who is always begging them for money. A sure fire way of spotting a moocher is when they swear by the phrase, "I 'll pay you back, I swear!" Females fall into this trap of only inviting certain people when they need something from them. These friends are episodic friends. Close to the concept of a moocher, episodic friends are more frustrating. They are not dependable and pop in and out like a mole rat in the arcade game whack-a-mole. They may call you and make plans but then turn around and cancel because a more exciting friend became available. Episodic people keep friends on back-burners for when they need them. Treating friends like scraps of leftover food is not an effective way to make life-long, quality…

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  • Edward Scissorhands-Personal Narrative

    jumped into the shower and got out 10 minutes later. 'What the hell do I wear? Are we going somewhere nice or casual? Should I text her and see? Fuck it, I 'll surprise her. ' Carmilla decided to wear her black skinny jeans with the tear on the kneecaps, her leather boots, and a black top that slightly showed off her stomach. She had the abs, so why not impress Laura? She wore her hair in the usual way, curls draping down her shoulders, while her bangs swooped over her…

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  • The Diary Of A Young Girl: An Analysis

    of comfort I would have that day. Years passed, and the same routine occurred. Go to school, do homework, get in trouble, bawl my eyes out with a single look from my father, never get into trouble (excluding the one time I stole from Target). Eventually little crybaby Kathryn got her crap together and decided crying and being awkward consistently was probably not the best thing. However, because my childhood was filled with rules and regulations for being a "respectable young lady", I never…

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  • Hold Your Head Up Theme

    Before I say anything else I just want to say that the purpose of this opening was to get you interested. Having said that I actually do not know the answer to that question however I do know about the theme of that question. Being able to push through when the going gets tough. There are 3 songs that I have chosen that convey the same theme. The writers of these songs are Macklemore a white rapper and Dan Auerbach from the band Cage the Elephant. I intend to analyze “Hold your Head Up” and…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Eastern And Western Religions

    left his family, God would bless him and grant his own nation. The Jewish people were able to endure because they created laws taught the followers how to eat, dress and live among other things. These laws separated them from people who weren’t Jewish which kept them free to develop their religion without influence. Their view of the family structure and the ultimate belief in god kept them faithful to their religion in times of prosecution. The next religion, Christianity, has the same…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Sister, Julia

    than that. When I first knew my sister she was serious and separate from me. My parents had divorced and I fitted perfectly into the family my mother constructed with her boyfriend. She felt discarded, too old, too bitter a bad fit for this new situation. I remember being slapped and teased and her doing everything that she could do to make me feel her pain. And then, with puberty, I felt her pain too. But she felt pain that was deeper, a remote cousin to the darkest depths of mine. She stole…

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  • Louis Zamperini Essay In Americi

    Louis Zamperini once said, “I’d made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race” ( Louis Zamperini Quotes). From the terrifying sea to the torturous prison camps, this is how Zamperini lived his life. In his younger years, he experienced more than a man should in an entire lifetime. Throughout his incredible journey, he was mischievous, resilient, and courageous. Born to Italian immigrants, Louis Zamperini experienced a rebellious childhood, always in…

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  • Personal Narrative: Getting Lost On The Mountain

    Everyone at one point or another has an event happen in their lives where they learn something very important. Sometimes, what a person will learn, changes their lives forever. Many times, these life changing events are dangerous or very costly. It is events like these that people will acquire wisdom. I recently had an event like this. My experience of getting lost on a mountain at night taught me many things. Getting lost on a mountain at night with my cousins was a very significant…

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  • I Have Had The Privilege Of Interview

    I have had the privilege to interview Mrs. Davida Gee- Allen for this assignment. Mrs. Allen is a graduate from Mississippi Valley State, where she received her master’s in the field of Social Work. She is currently a supervisor at the department of human serves in the Mississippi delta. She emphasizes the fact that she love what she do, no matter the cost. She entered this field to help people with everyday crisis and most of all defenseless children. Her future plan is to become an…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

    centered on Luke when I walked into my door. I tried my hardest to think about something or someone else. I didn’t want my mind going off to dreamy land before I even had the opportunity to know more about the man that had captured so much of my attention tonight. Then my thoughts easily moved to the man whom I was supposed to be with tonight on an amazing date that went downhill quickly. I wished in this moment that the date was with Luke, then I would still be out enjoying the night, drinking…

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