I Threw Up

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  • One Day: A Narrative Fiction

    better and I believed he, like myself, was adjusting. It was now mid-September, and we were gearing up for our trip to Europe. I had discussed the trip with Dr. Rossi, and she gave me her blessing to go. We were flying out on October 10th. We would be visiting England, Italy and France. I still had morning sickness, but it didn’t last for long. I felt sick when I got up and within an hour or less I felt better. The weekend was here and David and Charlie had plans to get the pool ready for winter. It needed to be completed before we left for Europe. I got up that morning and felt horrible. I threw up and had an awful discomfort in my stomach and pain in my side. I went downstairs, and Charlie looked at me. “Anna, are you okay?” “I don’t feel so hot today. I just threw up, and I feel overall like crap." “Do you want your juice and toast?” “Not really, but I should have something.” “Well, go sit down and I’ll get it for you.” David got my juice while Charlie made me some toast. I couldn’t eat a lot in the morning but needed to get something in me. Most mornings, that was all I had. I drank a little juice and took two bites of my toast, before pushing the plate away. “Anna…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Pain

    It hurt. I remember that it hurt. I would wake up and lay in my bed as I thought how my phone wouldn’t be answered, my stomach wouldn’t be fed, my hair wouldn’t be washed, my life wouldn’t be lived. They always said, “Be grateful”, but how could I be great if I knew I wasn’t. I took it as a literal term, to be grateful. Whenever someone told me that, all I could see was my body thinned and toned, my face pure and markless, my smile glorious and grand, my life happy and fulfilling. I knew they…

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  • Disney-Pixar's Character Education In The Movie Up

    Character Education in Up Disney-Pixar is the undisputed king of the animation film industry. Each of their productions is synonymous with “Top Grossing” and commandes raving fanatics and 5 stars ratings. “Up” is no exception. As the title suggests, “Up” is a movie that with each viewing seems only to bring the enjoyment and fantastical pleasure gleaned from this movie up. One of innumerous Disney films that are regarded as instant classics, Up was created in 2009 and to the surprise of no…

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  • Cep Classroom Observation

    Mrs. Whitelaw’s CEP class is the class I looked forward to observing in the most. She and her two TA’s made me feel the most welcomed by greeting me every time I observed in their classrooms (none of the others made me feel unwelcomed). I believe that the welcoming also came from the classroom environment that Mrs. Whitelaw provided her students. The class was covered in the students’ school work and achievements. The classroom also provided escapes to any of the students that needed alone time…

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  • Personal Narrative-TAPPA, Let's Go !

    .Beep,” a loud screech rang through me ears. I looked everywhere, from my right to my left, turning and shaking my head in confusion. “Where am I?” I thought. Suddenly, my brain processed my surroundings, and my eyes focused on the view ahead of me. As soon as my head was in the right mind, I saw Fantasia in front of me, Hilary besides me, the huge fish net looking net set up high held, with two poles, in front of me, and my coaches along with the other teammates were waiting on the sidelines.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Under Pressure

    game, as I’m sitting in class thinking how important this game is to the whole school. Even though I was not going to play because I’m the backup goalkeeper I was still excited to be part of the team. This is my senior year and I hoped to have memorable moments. “Let’s all support the boys and girls soccer team in today’s game versus Leuzinger at 7 o clock. Go Cougars!” The principle, Mr. Newell seem extremely excited over the announcements for tonight’s game against our archrivals Leuzinger…

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  • Explain The Barriers Of Communication In An Organisation

    the training of all communication, behaviour, health and safety, organisational culture so he will get to know how, where and to whom he is going to communicate and it will not create any issue like miss communication. Question: - 3 Analyze how does the various evaluation method to ensure the quality of workforce health, safety and wellness program for the company / business entity benefit the stakeholders and the company. Give five examples.  Analysis of the various evaluation methods to…

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  • An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's 'No Hug Rule'

    to never give up on your child, no matter how stubborn he/she may be. Considering kindergarten, the mother relentlessly waved to his son before leaving to school. 2. Yes I do believe that, most parents feel this way when their children are growing up through the time they go off to college and eventually have a life of their own. I feel this way because many parents know that their kids know better as to where home really is and that their mother will always be there for them. 3. My family…

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  • Mise En Scene In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    Through the use of diegetic sounds, the scene will give the audience a glimpse of the inner thoughts of Elizabeth and how her body language portrays it. Hints of the sun can be seen peeking behind the clouds, and the sun begins to light up the setting when Jane enters. This represents the joy that Jane has over her…

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  • Lessons Of Darkness Film Analysis Essay

    The film that I have chosen to analyze is Lessons of Darkness by Werner Herzog. I chose this film because I really enjoy Herzog’s film style, and I also enjoy how he uses specific shots and scenes to portray how he is against the gruesome nature of war and attacks. In this film, I have chosen two sequences where I believe that Herzog is trying to get his point across of the violence that come from war. For example, as Herzog uses the first sequence of the birds, to the bones of the dead, to the…

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