Personal Narrative: Under Pressure

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Under Pressure Today is the big game, as I’m sitting in class thinking how important this game is to the whole school. Even though I was not going to play because I’m the backup goalkeeper I was still excited to be part of the team. This is my senior year and I hoped to have memorable moments. “Let’s all support the boys and girls soccer team in today’s game versus Leuzinger at 7 o clock. Go Cougars!” The principle, Mr. Newell seem extremely excited over the announcements for tonight’s game against our archrivals Leuzinger high school. When Mr. Newell finished the announcements, students walked over to me just to say “Good Luck Manny.” Everyone at the school was excited, but some of our teammates were nervous, some were sad. Nervous because …show more content…
I could feel my blood going through my body and my feet started to get numb for some reason, but I just needed to move around my penalty box. As the ball would come closer I would start to get nervous. I would scream at my defenders, “kicked the ball out,” as they kept pressuring us in the back. I would also scream “Push up,” as they were not pushing the ball up. As Leuzinger was pressuring us in the back trying to take a shot at me, our defenders were defending well. Then, our midfielder Jason Santana stole the ball and kicked it towards our forward Jeramiah. Then he stopped the ball and started outrunning the defender, he was very quick, suddenly, he shoots the ball and I just saw the ball curving to the left side of the goal, it hits the inner side of the post and then it goes in. The crowd was cheering when Jeremiah score, the team was happy too, but we were not celebrating as much because there is still a lot of time left in the game and we did not want to get cocky. As the game continues to go we started dominating, but then we lose the ball and they started a counterattack. One of their players passes the ball to the forward, and the forward takes a shot but it was just hit directly towards me, so I did not have much of a problem with that shot. Then the referee blows the whistle to end the first half. We played okay in the first half, but there was still need of improvement for the second half. Everyone playing was sweating as you can see steam coming off of their, some wiping their face with their shirt. The coach huddled us up

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