The Rushelli Massacre: A Short Story

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“Why did you kill all of those people?” I wheezed out. I hated the cold, this was a fine punishment I suppose.

“Of course you’ve heard. Who hasn’t? I’m just the crazy witch that’s killed hundreds of people. No need to answer my questions. I see how it is.”

“You didn’t just ‘kill all those people, Freya.’ You are responsible for a massacre. The Rushelli Massacre. Hundreds of people died. Innocents. The guilty. You killed them like they were all guilty of the same crime. That is unacceptable. You need to pay for what you did. I know the way you can start.”

“I didn’t want to do it, you know… I felt the urge. But it wasn’t my urge. I didn’t know those people. I just know it had to happen. I don’t know why or when the urge came to me, I just
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I woke up on the floor, a pillow beneath my head and a blanket below my body. I squinted around, trying to figure out exactly where I was. I didn’t recognize the room, but then again, it could be one of the dozens of rooms I had yet to explore in the pack house. I got up and let the things how I had found them, entering the dimly lit hallway. The hallway looked familiar enough so I kept following it until I got to a door I recognized. Beau’s. I opened the door and the second I did arms flung around me.

“You’re alive! She didn’t kill you! I never thought I would see you again!” His words were muffled by my hair that he was currently nuzzling very affectionately. I wanted to relish in the affection, but I knew it was wrong. I knew I had to pull away. So I did.

“He’s the one you should be with. Just saying.” A voice said behind me. I spun around and saw Freya leaning casually in the door frame as if she owned the place. I spared a glance at Beau who was looking at her like he was seeing a ghost.

“Have a seen you… before?” He asked, his voice incredibly soft and out of character for him. I gave him a strange look before casting my gaze back to

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