Jealousy: A Short Story

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Jealousy is like a gnawing animal, once it sinks its teeth into you there’s no escaping.
This powerful emotion ruined my relationship between my boyfriend and I because it caused cheating, accusations to be made, fights between us, and finally our breakup. Michael was my boyfriend’s name. We were exactly alike, as if we were one person. Our movements and thoughts were synchronized. People always mistakes us as siblings because our behaviors were so similar. I seriously that of Michael as my soul mate, he was heaven sent, designed epically for me by god himself. This summer, Michael’s father got laid off from his job. Michael and his family were moving to California to stay with some relatives while his father looked for work over there.
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I had a lot of time on my hands since Michael’s move. I spent most of my time watching movies and sleeping my whole summer away. One afternoon, my friend Rebecca invited me to a pool party, so I decided to check it out. An hour into the party I was getting sort of bored so I sat down under a shady tree and go on my phone. I noticed a guy staring at me from across the pool, I just minded my own business. After a few minutes, the guy came over and sat by me and we just talked and talked for what seemed like hours. I hadn’t felt so carefree and lost in conversation with someone like that since Michael’s move. I felt a bit guilty but it was nice to open up to someone. After the pool party, we exchanged numbers and formally introduced ourselves, his name was John. That same week, John and I got acquainted a lot more, we hung out every chance we got. One night, Michael called me, it felt like weeks since we last spoke. I asked him about California and if he was enjoying the new atmosphere. Then, he asked me about my summer and how it was going so fair. I told him about John and how close were had become. Michael stayed quiet and finally asked me if there was anything going on between John and I or if I had felt anything towards him. I denied the accusations and immediately changed the subject. Michael knew without having to see my face that I was

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