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  • Georgette's Home-Personal Narrative

    chokehold from deep within. Arriving at the back of Bus 57 she shook herself like a dog ridding itself of water. Her hand spattered with age spots pulled the worn baseball cap out of her back jean pocket. She released a long deep sigh as she slowly tucked her unruly blond hair into it. Fumbling to find the right key on an overloaded key ring she finally opened the back door and climbed in. The wave of warmth and the leftover smell of yesterday’s field trip made her face…

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  • Women's Fault Letter

    ....... ~Dear women, It's your fault~ A bus stop and a pretty you. You were waiting for a bus. Unaware of the surrounding you stood, chatting with your friends on your phone to pass your time. Suddenly, you felt something, something very uneasy! You turned around and saw something disturbing. A boy in his teenage was staring at your curves. But that was not disturbing! People around were pretty much familiar with what was happening but no one stood up for you. You tried to calm yourself but…

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  • Social Context Approach

    The Memorial Union Bus Terminal From A Social Context Approach During these eleven weeks in LDA 01, we have discussed several approaches to the discipline of environmental design. Some, but not all of these approaches are the social context, ecological, participatory, artistic, and the cultural competency approach. For this project in specific, I decided to analyze a site using the social context approach. For me, this approach is the most interesting and crucial when planning a project. The…

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  • Analysis Of Freedom Riders: Perspective Of Margret Oswalt

    Freedom Riders: Perspective of Margret Oswalt At just nineteen years old Margret Oswalt moved to Jackson Mississippi with a business degree. She got her first job working in an insurance business called Kemper Insurance Company. The company was right across the street of Trail Way Bus Station, where the freedom rider buses came through. The day the freedom riders came into Jackson, Mrs. Oswalt and her co-workers opened their window and were shocked at what they saw. The streets were crowded,…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Frighting Moment

    The Frightening Moment It was summer break. I woke up at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, then I woke my sister up, My sister is 5’6 in tall, has long black hair and black eyes, and is plump and chubby. My sister and I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I made some tea, and my sister made some French toast. After having breakfast, we went to get dressed, and I picked up a light blue shirt and black pants. My parents own two gas stations, so after getting dressed we went to one of our gas stations…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Mcenroe Farm

    I moved forward in my seat to look outside the window of the school bus. The trip to Harlem Valley, NY to visit the McEnroe farm was entertaining. Nevertheless, two hours of card games, lots of singing, and a ton of laughing still had me looking at my watch every twenty minutes. Out of all the trips this June, the McEnroe farm was the one that I was looking forward to the most. Five hours, in total, worth of driving and waiting wouldn't lead us to somewhere I would be bored at. It would be worth…

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  • Bus Stop Arm Violations Essay

    Bus Stop arm violations are a very serious and very much enforced law in the United States due to the potential of the kid getting hit by a car. Due to this danger it is a misdemeanor and because of this it will stay on your record permanently. If you are a motorist and you are on a road with two lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction you must stop when a bus is flashing its red lights and extends its stop arm out on its left side. This also applies when the road has a turn lane in…

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  • Public Transportation

    the bus or other forms of transportation, they do not have a car or cannot afford one, which is not always the case. Some People enjoy taking the bus, because it allows them to save gas money. I saw a friend of mine at the bus stop near Corbett gym get onto a bus and I noticed that she had her car keys in her hand and I thought to myself, why is she getting on the bus when she has a car and can just drive anywhere she wants? So I asked a couple of my friends with cars would they ever get on the…

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  • Reflective Essay Of Winterpock Elementary School

    When I was younger I loved writing. Poems, short stories, and nonfiction, I tried to write them all. From Romans to a galactic republic, my mind was a canvas of creativity until that day. The day of my social humiliation in front of all my peers, the day I thought I had written my best paper, the day I was changed. I was so amped to go to school that day, I rushed down stair grabbed my black and red backpack and ran for the bus stop. While I was running I heard my sister scream“Wait, Rocky, your…

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  • Personal Narrative: College Realization

    of college as being mature and experiencing a glimpse of the adult world, but I never thought that it would be more different. It has only been a quarter or less and throughout those months, weeks, or even days it made me realized that college is far more than maturity and the adult world, it is about valuing education. When I was in high school, it was not a problem to commute, considering that it was only seven minutes away. The only problem that I have to face was bus’ schedule and the…

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