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  • Pregnancy: A Short Story

    feel him kicking again, i wouldn 't see the little alien like movements when i stare down at the over inflated balloon that could pop at the slightest touch. after i realized i was time i woke up my mom and said take a shower my water broke. the main emotions i saw her go thru were panic and happiness with a dash of shock. i texted my godmother who was going to take us to the hospital. we weren 't going to take our care because my brother had to go to school. i asked her if she was awake and what she was doing she replied with is he coming? yes, yes he is. we arrived at the parking lot at around six fifty in the morning the air was crisp and cool, the sky was blue and clear of any cloud, there was even a slight breeze that made all of our hair dance as if it was celebrating the life that was about to arrive. in the hospital we went to the front desk of the woman 's center at banner desert hospital and they put me into a room to check if my water broke. at first the nurse who was condescending and said it probably didn 't but she said they would still check the the nurse left the room my mother followed her, my god mother and i looked at each other and i know we were both thinking the same thing.when the nurse came back in my mother had a slight smirk that i knew to well. the nurse looked as if she had a near death experience with a mother bear protecting her cub. the nurses attitude made a complete 360 and she said okay so your water did brake and congratulations. in…

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  • Personal Narrative - Original Writing And My Relationship

    My heart thumps like a bass drum in my ears as I run. I can barely breathe but I don’t stop. I reach my car, crank the engine and put my foot to the floor. Driving through the streets of Brisbane to the highway, I start to think over Alice’s and my relationship. “You should come over this weekend. We can work on our project.” I messaged her late at night. “Okay, I’ll ask my parents.” Alice answers quickly before confirming she can. On Saturday morning, she arrives at my house. We work on our…

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  • Creative Writing: Deadman's Paradise

    They all looked mangled and as if they're barely hanging together. Each one has a potato sack for a head with dark sunken eyes and a grim smile made out of stitches. Also they had hands with long strands of hay that resembled the long talons of a crow. All of these scarecrows reeked of pure evil and Dominique could feel the unnatural essence of them. The strange atmosphere of this mansion had frightened him so much that he decided to turn around and go to the police to ask for help. As soon as…

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  • Preschool Education Case Study

    The student is identified as a typical developing child since she is not receiving any special education services. Throughout this essay, the student will be referred to as “H.”. H. was chosen for this Case Study since she is in attendance regularly. This child was also picked because she initially gave me the impression that she was a student who was excelling intellectually. This assumption was made based on H.’s ability to socialize well with others using an extensive vocabulary. On November…

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  • Chastity's Short Story: The Vietnam War

    Chastity laid the journal on her lap when she heard the tiny footsteps of her daughter, and then the screen door creak open. Patience was carrying her doll Sue by the arm, her light golden brown hair slightly ruffled from where she had slept on it. Wide eyed and grinning, she quickly ran over to the small table, and then dropped to her knees in front of the jar. “Mommy watch the roly-roly baby buggies?” asked Patience, as she brushed a few strands of hair from her face. “Yes, sweetie, I did,”…

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  • Perceval's Visit: A Fictional Narrative

    Though she remained a good distance away, Perceval noted it was a girl wandering up the beach toward him, and oddly her movements were familiar. She wore a sleeveless flowing pink dress, one a princess might, and her light brown hair whipped around her face in the breeze. The girl, about age eight or so, shoved the hair away from her face and grinned. Perceval wondered if his heart might stop. Gods, it was his sister, Deryn, his beloved younger sibling who had died when she was seven years old,…

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  • Narrative Essay On My Big Move

    Keep in mind I did not really know what he looked like other than his picture online. I know you can post any picture you want. I thought he was gorgeous in those pictures. He pulls up at the gas station about three minutes after I got there. He is this tall 5’10”, gorgeous in the face, light brown hair, brown eyed man, that bends down to me in my car and says, “Hi, how are you? Are you ready to go back to my house; it is out in the country a little ways?” I knew when he leaned into my car,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Stranger As A Sibling

    A Stranger as a Sibling There I was, sitting in my father’s red truck. I was in Mexico for that summer, it was June. My father, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with his brown plaid shirt, was taking me to visit my sister. Trees flew by in the corner of my eyes, sometimes followed by the occasional cow or horse, as we drove off. I was going to stay with my sister for the day, who I only had seen twice in my whole life, and I was only fifteen at the time. An important fact about us, is that…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Kind Of Love

    "Maybe because it 's human nature? If the thing we want is too easy to get, then there wouldn 't be any sense of satisfaction when we obtained it. But..." "What?" … He glanced at me. "Is this about your brother?" "It 's like you can read my mind." He licked his fingers. "I can." I kept my eyes on his tongue, as he cleared the crumbs from his hand. He glanced at me and grinned. "What? Mesmerized by my looks?" "Yup," I replied bluntly. It couldn 't be helped. Ritsu had an erotic aura to him. Maybe…

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  • Henry Dunkin's Life-Personal Narrative

    It was a very cold but normal December day, everyone in town was doing what they usually do, take kids to school, go to work, get coffee and visit one another. Henry Dunkin was an ordinary 13 year old boy who was tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was very liked by the citizens in the town so you wouldn’t expect anyone to harm him, right? Two weeks ago on a Tuesday, this was a day like any other, the sun was shining and there was a chilly breeze just off the east coast. In the bakery up…

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