Personal Narrative - Original Writing And My Relationship

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My heart thumps like a bass drum in my ears as I run. I can barely breathe but I don’t stop. I reach my car, crank the engine and put my foot to the floor. Driving through the streets of Brisbane to the highway, I start to think over Alice’s and my relationship.
“You should come over this weekend. We can work on our project.” I messaged her late at night.
“Okay, I’ll ask my parents.” Alice answers quickly before confirming she can. On Saturday morning, she arrives at my house. We work on our project, have nice conversations. The following weekend was the same, but I was determined to make a move. By the last week we were well into our secret relationship.
I knew the last time I left Alice I may never see her again. By the time I got home to Toowoomba she may be lying in a casket without a heartbeat. University came at the wrong time for me, the time when Alice, the girl I love, was at her worst physical state in years. Her heart was turning into a ticking time bomb, and it just blew up.
“We’re not a thing.” I fumble.
“I know.” I can see the bitterness in her eyes! I can almost see her heart breaking, but she is good at hiding her true emotions. She always says she’s not mad or upset or shattering like glass but I can tell she is. Even if it is, slightly.
“Then what’s the problem?” I try to deny I know what it is.
“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because I’m dying and I won’t ever get another guy like you?” She avoids eye contact and rubs the tops of her fingers against each

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