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  • Compare And Contrast Grand And Lee By Bruce Catton

    In Bruce Catton's essay "Grand and Lee: A study in Contrasts," the author uses compare and contrast to highlight each general's different strengths, upbringing, and values. In addition to compare and contrast, describing aspects of their life provides better insight into each general's envision for the country. Both armies in the Civil War fought to preserve their way of life, and their purpose reflected the values of their leaders. But despite their differences, the two generals were able to meet together in Appomattox, bring peace, and reunify the country during a major turning point in our nation's history. Robert E. Lee believed in aristocratic ideals such as "family, culture, and tradition," and adopted the chivalry from "the age of Knighthood" in England. His main purpose for fighting was to preserve the polarizing social classes found in the Southern American states. The advantage of having unequal social classes he argued was that the higher class would breed a group of privileged men instilled with "a strong sense of obligation to the community." This would supply the country with adequate leaders that would…

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  • Grant And Lee: A Study Of Contrast By Bruce Catton Analysis

    named Grant and Lee were able to do just that. In the reading “Grant and Lee: A Study of Contrast” by Bruce Catton, the author writes a compare and contrast essay detailing their backgrounds, personalities, and aspirations. When evaluating all of these contributing factors it is clear that Lee was vastly a more impressionable character than Grant. When it comes down to these two men’s background Lee was perceived as more traditional. For example, the text states “His background were family,…

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  • Hayfoot Strawfoot Analysis

    In the article Hayfoot, Strawfoot, Bruce Catton, an American historian and journalist, claims that soldiers in the American Civil War were effective even though they were unorganized, unsophisticated and had harsh conditions. He also explains men were drafted for the war, instead of volunteering like they do today. He shows and supports this in many ways. He supports his claim first by showing the lack of education and sophistication came from boys signing up for the war that were under the…

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  • Bruce Catton The Civil War Analysis

    Shamsun Nahar Professor Foster HIST 1301 8 Dec 2016 Catton, Bruce. The Civil War. Boston, Massachusetts, Mariner Books, 2004. Cost $0.01+ shipping cost $3.99 + Tax $0.33= Total Cost $4.33 Analysis of “The Civil War by Bruce Catton” The Civil War is a novel written by Bruce Catton In his earlier life, Catton studied at Oberlin College, but he had to leave without a degree due to his service in World War I. After the war he returned home and became a journalist and an editor for the American…

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  • Summary Of Grant And Lee By Bruce Catton

    Grant and Lee I like the essay, “Grant and Lee” written by Bruce Catton, although I am not a political enthusiast reader. Inconsiderably, I hate talking about it and, more so reading about it. However, this essay gave me a great sense of evaluation. I cannot deny, my negative political perceptions and loss of confidence in politics. Even though, I know so little about the changing aspects of political views on the eighteenth century, I can quite understand and identify how both generals…

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  • Bruce Dawe And Beach Burial Comparison

    Like movies, novels and music, poems are texts that people use to reflect on their lives and experiences. Poems can have an impact on peoples thinking, not only through the things they might say to their readers, but through the discussions that readers have with each other about poems. I agree with this statement and believe that it accurately describes how people can reflect on their lives after reading poems. In addition to this, I also believe that poems can also have an effect on…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Qualities

    You are a literary scholar and expert on the mystery genre. You have been asked to deliver a guest lecture for a college course in criminal justice; specifically, you must discuss the qualities of a good detective. Write a lecture that compares two popular detectives, one of whom must be Sherlock Holmes. The other detective can be from another work of literature, a film, or a television series. Evaluate the fictional detectives’ positive and negative qualities, their strategies, and their…

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  • Weight Loss Argumentative Essay

    Later, I competed in Tae Kwon Do, and weight loss was an integral part of competition fighting. My weight loss plan and fitness training was then based a lot on the same ideas that Bruce Lee had. I will now outline a simple and yet effective weight loss and exercise plan.For weight loss, start with a “low-carb” diet, eating boneless/skinless chicken breasts, London broil, fish and shellfish, and very lean hamburger, for meats. Also for weight loss, for vegetables, only eat green and white…

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  • Video Analysis: Mr. Baseball

    Video #6 – “Mr. Baseball This video took a look at the cultural differences that we often take for granted. In this particular scene there was an American sitting on the floor, eating noodles, using chopsticks, in a traditional Asian household. The American is unfamiliar with these customs, and is confused by the chopsticks and slurping sounds. He also has trouble understanding who gets served their beverage first, as well as that it is bad luck to point your chopsticks vertically into the air.…

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  • Parent Group Paper

    Analysis of group meeting Describe your understanding of the nature of the interaction of the group members, including yourself, at this group meeting. All members were participants in the group. They shared their personal challenges and successes in raising their children, they were open to share ideas and concepts that seemed to work for them and their children, or what did not work. Everyone, including me, were able to discuss and share stories to relate with one another and create a space…

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