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  • My Major Academic Goals

    wants to experience something new and different. Being abroad in Brussels will allow me to try to learn a culture that will be unique to me when I arrive, and distinct from anything than that I have experienced in America. I hope to have to opportunity to fully immerse myself in Belgium 's culture and the unfamiliar cultures that Europe has to offer. I intend to make the most of this fantastic chance to become a more cultured human being. On this theme of learning new cultures throughout Europe, I also hope that these diverse views on life will help me broaden my horizons and see how natives go through life in Belgium. Hopefully going abroad allows me to see how unlike Europe is compared to America, giving me a new perspective on living in America and how culture operates in the states. In order to do this I must approach going to these different places with an open mind, and it is a major goal of mine to do so. By living in Wisconsin my entire life I have always been able to fall back on my support system to get me through tough times. While I am abroad I will have to rely on myself for everything, and this will challenge me to be much more independent. This is another goal of mine, to rely on myself. Not only am I prepared for this challenge, but I welcome it with open arms. I feel as if going abroad could become a major growing experience for myself as I figure out to work through tough situations in Brussels. I’m sure finding living, making new friends and…

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  • Essay On The Conflict Between Flanders And Walloons

    Walloons as the minority group have got support from French troops to have majority power in Belgium government. Walloon’s living area—Southern Belgium is participated industrial revolution brings Belgium booming economy and more advantage for Walloons. The majority ethnic group, Flanders, were not that advantaged on Heavy Industry resource like Walloons in the industrial revolution. They were resent by Walloon-Belgium government. For example, Brussel as the capital of Belgium that located in…

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  • Ethnic Conflict In Belgium

    Since the Independence, the socio-economic imbalances have fueled resentment between the two regions. Elaborating the Problem There are some people who support the possible partition of Belgium and argue that the synchronized attempts to forge a national identity and culture have been unable to forestall ethno-linguistic rivalries (Gutenberg). This divide could grant Wallonia and Flanders with either independence or integration into France and the Netherlands respectively. It is a…

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  • Importance Of Dualisation In Brussels

    Exclusion caused by dualisation in Brussels. Dualisation in Brussels: Political dualisation. -“For cities there are no standard solutions. Urban policy is always a matter of hard choises, and in cities that were chosen on a democratic way, it is the politics that makes that choises.“ (Barber 1984; Hajer 2009) - Brussels suffer from a ‚schizophrene’* disorder because Brussels is both the national and the European capital. The city holds more than 173.540 inhabitants on a…

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  • Brussels Sprouts Research Paper

    Brussels sprouts: Nutritional facts and health benefits Brussels sprouts are leafy green small buds resembling a cabbage, but in a miniature form. They are full of nutrition. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and dietary fibres. Brussels come from the Brassica family, along with cabbage, broccoli, kale, and collard greens. Brussels sprouts are winter crops growing well under light frosting and cool weather. Their height can be about as tall as 90 cm and being about…

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  • Effective Parenting

    actively ignore them then you are not giving into what they want, which is your attention, anger, and finally reluctance to stand by what you said. After they stop bothering you, you can approach them again and tell them that they need to follow through with what you have laid out before they can do anything they want. 4. Give Kids Some Choices When You Can If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, create a rule that you will offer your kids choices when it comes to certain things.…

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  • Quality Management Case Study: Marriott Hotel Brussels

    Preface For the quality management course we formed a consultancy team to conduct an audit for the case hotel, Marriott Brussels. The newly appointed general manager of the hotel received an order from the Marriott Head Office to improve the quality of the hotel. The general manager decided to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 certification within 12 months. The course is divided in 2 phases. During the analytical phase the consultancy team had one interview with the hotels general manager and one…

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  • Data On Brussels Stock Exchange From Antwerp 's Scob Database

    Data on Brussels Stock Exchange from Antwerp’s SCOB database were used to investigate if stock returns have any relationship with variables, such as size, beta, dividend yield, and risks. The sample covered periods of 1873 to 1914. Using Fama-MacBeth regression model, the study finds that average stock returns have no relationship with size, risk, and beta, but establishes weak relationship between dividend yield and stock returns. The study finds strong momentum in the sample data. The results…

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  • Analysis Of Cheapest Time To Travel To Berlin

    culture and the beautiful weather. If you visit in winter, you will find snow all around, an experience to be cherished for the rest of your life. Brussels Cheapest time to travel to Brussels The cheapest time to visit Brussels is between October to April. Although the temperature will be low, winter in Brussels has its own charm. Average daily cost on a shoestring budget Brussels can be completed with an average budget of €48 per day or $51 per day which includes food at €18…

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  • Historical Importance Of Criminal Profiling

    The history of this profession establishes what this career is and reasons why it is as important as it is. In the 1970s, the FBI Behavioral Science Unit was created which is closely associated with profiling (Devery, 2010). Criminal profiling first started when the psychiatrist, Dr. James A. Brussel, took on the first profile of a series of bombing attacks that happened in New York over a sixteen-year period. This “mad bomber” planted more than thirty bombs around the city, including places…

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