Essay On The Conflict Between Flanders And Walloons

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In 1994, in a small country in middle Africa, called Rwanda, an unethical, cruel genocide was lasting for a hundred days with 20% nation population declined. Belgium as the last country that colonized Rwanda also got their problem. Since post WW1, the conflict between Walloon and Flemish people rose to a top. Racism in two different places will be comparing these by three stages: Background, the beginning, and the conflict.

At the 1830s, Belgium is constructed by two ethnic groups: Flanders and Walloons. Same as Rwanda, Walloons as the minority group have got support from French troops to have majority power in Belgium government. Walloon’s living area—Southern Belgium is participated industrial revolution brings Belgium booming economy and more advantage for Walloons. The majority ethnic group, Flanders, were not that advantaged on Heavy Industry resource like Walloons in the industrial revolution. They were resent by Walloon-Belgium government. For example, Brussel as the capital of Belgium that located in Flanders area but due to Walloons regime were not favored in Flemish not only making Brussel once become French city, but also assign French as the official language of Belgium as their constitution wrote.

After the mid-18th century, the
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Light industry, High-tech Industry and Shipping helping Flanders economy exceeded Walloons when their economic recession because of their depleted heavy industry resources. Now Belgium implements federalism; Flanders only vote for Dutch parties and Walloons only vote for French parties, and they will be voted in Brussel to elect candidates from different parties. But due to two groups conflict in 2007, the government are not able to form for over 500 days from 2011 till 2014 election, this record broke previous 2007 election government formation reco d and became the longest formation period in the

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