Essay about Ethnicity, Race, And Nationalism

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Ethnicity, race, and nationalism are interrelated. We cannot define one concept without elaborating how the other concept plays a crucial role to shape up its agenda. Such as, Nationalism derives from ethnic beliefs, and from cultural religious similarities. Nationalism deliberately supports it 's deeply enrooted believes towards ethnicity. However, race plays a significant role to distinguish the differences between ethnicity and race itself. Due to that, people feel a sense of identity, in many cases superiority due to their own differences. Further has been explained below the concept of ethnicity, race, and nationalism.
Ethnicity emphasizes on one 's own cultural, religious background. Although, one may acquire his or ethnicity at birth because it is being assigned to them. However, ethnicity is often based on customs, language or religion. But ethnicity also can be based on a specific institution and its attitude which helps to differ from one group to another. It also can be defined as a relationship emerged from a racial or cultural affiliation.
The term ethnicity can be defined and incorporated in many various forms. It cannot be self-described without elaborating how other terms also come along with it. It raises many arguments as well. For example, it is widely assumed that insurgency or rebellion may also be caused due to ethnic nationalism. Many have argued that ethnic diversity causes civil conflict as well. However, as Fearon and Laitin (2003)…

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