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Josemare T. D. Santos

Hotel Rwanda Movie Questions

1. What city is the movie taking place in?
The city is Kigali in Rwanda.
2. What country supplied the Hutus with machetes and how much did they cost?
They came from China, each one cost ten cents.
3. Describe the guests at Paul’s Hotel.
The most part was rich people from other countries.
4. What does Paul tell his wife when she asks why the soldiers would have arrested Victor (the neighbor)?
He told that someone who didn’t liked him must denounced him as a rebel spy.
5. What does the Rwandan journalist tell Jack (the American reporter) is the difference between the Hutus and Tutsis?
That the Belgian colonists created the division between them. The Tutsis were taller and more elegant
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10. When Paul’s awaited ‘’Intervention Force’’ shows up whom did their rescue?
They send messages for people that they knew out of the country and they got permission to get out of Rwanda.
Why does the man get supplies from tell him to take the river road back?
Because he wanted to show how big was being the massacre and that they (Hutus) were winning.
11. What does the Col. Oliver mean when he tells Paul, ‘’We think you are dirt’’? Who thinks this and why?
He said that because he asked for help for the International authorities and they didn’t thought it was worth to send soldiers to help Rwanda’s population, so he said that to show that they didn’t care about that people, they didn’t mean nothing to the other powerful countries (US, Belgium, etc).
12. How does the genocide finally end?
When the Tutsi rebels drove the Hutu army and the Interhamwe militia across the border into the Congo.
13. How did the international community respond to the genocide? Do you agree or disagree with their response? Why or why not?
I disagree because they act with indifference about the Rwanda’s population. They didn’t send help and just helped the people of their own country get out of Rwanda. They acted with full inhumanity.
14. In the beginning of the movie Paul says to Tatiana that the only thing that matters is family. Do you think that his opinion changes? If so, why do you think that his opinion changes? If not, why not?

I think his opinion changes,

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