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The failure of the UN to act upon the reports of genocide in Rwanda caused an innumerable amounts of killing and anarchy. The problems started with the Belgium’s discrimination between the two populations. Going as far as to hire scientists to prove the Tutsi superiority, they only enabled the already present racism between the two groups. Then the Hutu population decided to act. After the president was shot down, supposedly by Hutu extremists, the anarchy began. The Hutu people was responsible for murdering Tutsi citizens and leaders, even other Hutus who sympathized with the Tutsi population.
It is said that in 1994 the United Nations failed to fulfill the needs of Rwanda. Information about the ominous genocide being formed was ignored by the UN and Rwanda was left abandoned when they sought protection the most. The UN could have prevented a numerous amount of deaths, but they kept the world oblivious to the genocide taking place right in front of them.
Rwanda is a relatively small country, about the size of Maryland, and consists of about 7 million people. It is bordered by the countries of Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1854,
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A plane carrying the Rwandan and Burundian president was shot down, killing both presidents after signing a peace treaty. The group responsible for shooting down the plane is still unclear, but it’s believed that Hutu extremists might have been involved. Immediately after this incident, chaos erupted. Hutu citizens began uprising against the Tutsis. Hutu policeman and soldiers began to murder Tutsi leaders and citizens. They went as far as to even slaughter Hutus who sympathized with the Tutsi. This quickly came to be named the Rwandan Genocide, which was a calamitous mass murder of the Tutsis and Hutus living in Rwanda. This modern time genocide destroyed 80 percent of the country’s Tutsi population. (Rwanda,

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