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  • Descriptive Essay: The Sanctuary Night Club

    Atlanta is a large city that is made up of several smaller cities and separated by imagined communities labeled Midtown, West End, Five Points, and others. The skyline of Atlanta is slightly separated among each area, and all over the city mingle homeless individuals and general city-goers such as shoppers and workers. If you drive north from Downtown Atlanta, you will pass through Peachtree Hills, Garden Hills, and up into a community called Buckhead. Driving through the streets, the expensive cars and houses depict the lives the people might live. Nestled in the Buckhead village is The Sanctuary Night Club. Previous to this, I was unsure as to what to expect of the club. The information I was able to glean about The Sanctuary Night Club was that it was a safe haven for Latinos and on Saturdays for the gay and lesbian demographic. Alfredo, the owner, was unable to give me information other than this and general instructions such as staying away from the bar and where my interviews should be conducted. The website showed only an image of a ritzy looking staircase. When my partner and I pulled up into the parking lot, we were able to recognize the building because of a red carpet and canopy. There were expensive looking vehicles in the parking lot, and we couldn’t see a ‘bouncer.’ Inside at the front desk…

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  • Racial Ragregation And Racial Prejudice In Brownies By ZZ Packer

    white girl’s look on television. It almost sounds as if white girls aren’t actual people. It’s phrased as if they are something exotic. Another line that makes white people seem foreign is “…we had all been taught that adulthood was full of sorrow and pain, taxes and bills, dreaded work and dealing with whites, sickness and death” (Packer 19). “Dealing with whites” is listed amongst a bunch of horrible things. Growing up, these girls have been taught that associating with white people is the…

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  • Host Hotels Executive Summary

    Resorts). In 2015 Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. greenhouse gas emission’s decreased 24% for every square foot compared to 2008, and they have saved 35,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses in comparison to previous years (Host Hotels & Resorts). In 2015 there was also a decrease in energy use and water consumption compared to 2008 (Host Hotels & Resorts). They decreased energy for every square foot by 12.8% and water consumption per room by 22.2% (Host Hotels & Resorts). In addition to these green…

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  • The Colored Museum By George C Wolfe

    However, this scene causes more pain for me than it does positivity. The scene represents the idea of escaping your past in order to find hope. One must reject everything they ever knew for glamour. One of the most impactful quotes to me was presented in this section. Wolfe strongly writes, “Yes, we live in a world where everyone is beautiful, and wears fabulous clothes…and no one says anything profound. ....or meaningful....or contradictory.”(Wolfe, pg. 9) This quote could sum up my entire…

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  • Importance Of Business Layout

    “Description of the company’s product”- Provide the service and product the company offers “Marketing Strategy”- Provide the customers interest and document market claims “Location and Layout”- Labors needs and supplies “Competitor Analysis”- Analyzes the company’s competitors “Owners and Managers Resumes”- This should sell your management team “Plan of Operation”- This should list any incentives used to retain key personnel “Financial Statements”- This provide income statements “Loan or…

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  • My Observation Of Homeless People In The Atlanta Gateway Center

    I was told to grab the coloring books and crayons and take them to a room. Clacara was holding on to a box of crayons and even though I knew she could not take it with her, I let her. There was no way I was taking them from her. The shelter could afford another box of crayons, she couldn’t. When we started walking away, I saw a real sign of sadness in the kids’ faces. All of them looked dejected and sad. With their heads looking at the ground, they said a faint good bye and that was it. We left…

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