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  • Essay On Buddhist Temple

    The site that I visited was a Buddhist temple here in Miami called Wat Buddharangsi, Theravada Temple and the belief system they follow is the principle that happiness and good fortune are possible for anyone no matter who you are. Buddhist believed that all negative aspects within your life can be overcome by a strict practice of meditation, which helps the person to develop a positive and peaceful aspect within their lives. The sources of authority within the temple are monks (bhikku) who are ordained monastic in Buddhism. These monks are governed by a set of rules called pratimoksa which they live by, so they must cut off anything in their past life like family, wealth, and material things and now live a spiritual life and practice meditating and attaining nirvana. They wear orange robes which are the color of choice for the Theravada Buddhist monks and the robes are meant to…

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  • Buddhist Temple Essay

    A few weeks ago I went and visited a "retired" Buddhist Temple here on Oahu. It was only ten minutes from my house and as I drove through the gates, I realized it was part of a much larger plot of land. A portion of it was a cemetary that was categorized by different faiths. I thought it really interesting that while there might be strong differences between the religions that they may be laid to rest right next to on another. A roman catholic lay boardering the buddhist. The aura of the entire…

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  • Ching Kwok Buddhist Temple

    religions in Toronto, among the Christian churches that have stood in there for decades, I have chosen the only Buddhism temple in the downtown area, Ching Kwok Buddhist temple as my subject of field research. In the essay I will identify and explain several features of the daily afternoon recitation carried out by the monks by using theories of Raymond Williams and views of Malory Nye regarding to the relationship between culture and religion. I argue that, the purpose of this ritual is about…

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  • Characteristics Of Tang Architecture

    importance of reading the past through partially manipulated art and philosophy. Structurally, the few remaining works of Tang timber-frame architecture all have religious associations -- the Foguang Temple and Southern Zen Temple at Mount Wuyi, or the Daoist Deity Hall in Shanxi. They advanced the timber-frame engineering to a wholely new level by imposing modular construction and order to realize large-size, large-volume structures. It was believed that the Lingde Hall of Daming Palace was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To A Buddhist Temple

    For my religious/spiritual encounter, I visited a Buddhist temple by the name of Hsi Lai located in the city of Hacienda Heights. The Hsi Lai Temple, built in 1988, spans across 15 acres of land, with architecture like those of the ancient Chinese monasteries from Ming and Qing dynasty (International Buddhist Progress Society, n.d.). The name Hsi Lai translated into Chinese means “coming west”, representing the propagation of Buddhism into the Western Hemisphere. Today the temple spreads the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Dharma Buddhist Temple

    For my religious study event, I attended the Dharma Buddhist temple, in Springfield, Mo, on November 14th, 2015. As I perambulated into the temple, I took off my shoes and sat them on the little rack they had next to the front door. I proceeded to walk forward and in front of me was this altar with pictures of whom I believe to be the founders of the temple, and statues of the deities. Along with the pictures, were bowls of fruits and vegetables; Oranges and tomatoes of some sort, to be exact.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

    During visiting Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple, located at the top of the hill in Hacienda Height, I explored many religious ritual activities. People who were participating religious ritual activities and the surrounding are interesting and refresh to me. Everything in His Lai Temple met my expectations which I imagined before. The experience there was corresponded to what I learned from class and made me understand more. Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple is surrounded by a green neighborhood on the hill. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fletcher Family

    They say time flies when you’re having fun - I could definitely tell you this is true. We spent every day doing something new and exciting. One of my particular favourite places we visited was an ancient Buddhist temple. On this day, we were fortunate enough to get a tour guide who delivered to us a very in-depth and fascinating tour of both the temple and the culture behind it. I was blown away by how extravagant the temple was. Every room was beautifully decorated with handcrafted, golden…

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  • Religious Service Experience Essay

    held by a group that is different from mine. As a result, I decided to attend a Buddhist temple to get an insight of what the Buddhist religion is about. One of the reasons why I chose to attend a Buddhist as oppose to any other religion was because of friend of mine who is Buddhist. I have always been curious about the Buddhist religion. In addition, my friend has invited me to attend a…

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  • My Exploration Of Buddhism

    As I began my field research exploration of Buddhism, I knew that I had some preconceived notions and expectations because of my own experiences at Buddhist institutions. Through my personal meditations at the Land of the Medicine Buddha from 2014- present, I have begun to learn how to practice silencing my mind in order to be more present and mindful of my current state. I have begun to live more morally and compassionately through my own desire to live a well conducted and disciplined life.…

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