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  • History Of Buffalo Soldiers

    regular American peacetime army. For over 20 years at the end of the 19th century black soldiers fought against the Plains Indians across the Southwest of the United States. The Native Americans referred to these African American men as “Buffalo Soldiers”. It is not know exactly why the Native Americans called them this, but accounts suggest that it is because of their tireless marching and rugged fighting style. The soldiers took this as a sign of respect and even adopted the name as apart of their regimental crest. The black soldiers fought in the 24th and 25th infantries and in the 9th and 10th cavalries and fought many battles alongside each other.…

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  • How Did African Americans Win The Civil War

    They were recognized by Louisiana as part of the state militia but their commanders were white. They never had weapons or fought in battles. They were disbanded and many went to fight for the Union. In 1865 the Confederate army allowed the African Americans to be soldiers but it was too late to help the Confederate…

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  • Black Soldiers Conquest Analysis

    the word “irony” when discussing the role of black soldiers in the “conquest” of the American west? Ironic because the black soldiers themselves victims of white prejudices and seen as inferior, assisted the white man in conquering Native Americans for their land. 3. Why does the author claim that black soldiers, who engaged in several battles with Indians, apparently had little to fear from Indians? Black soldiers had more altercations which lead to injuries and deaths within the camp and…

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  • Summary Of The Perils Of Progress

    the year 1817, a manmade canal was built and changed the lives of many ordinary Americans. The Erie Canal is a canal that spreads from Albany to Buffalo New York and connects with the Great Lakes. The Canal gave residents the chance to start over and build up from what they have. I have had the opportunity to read The Artificial River by Carol Sheriff. In her book, she explained how the Erie Canal changed lives and how it help show progress in American history. Some topics that Sheriff used to…

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  • Personal Essay: My Experience Of A Magnetic Machine

    since I browse and done a thorough research to get to know more about U.S education system. Being chosen as one of the lucky few Malaysians to study in the States by Public Service Deputy or known as Malaysia Government, it was time for me to make my choice of the university that I will spend four years in. State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) is definitely on my sponsor’s ‘recommended’ list, on top of the list, to be exact. There was something in me that said, “this is it”. And sure…

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  • Reflection Essay: Chickering's Theory Of Identity Development

    As a child, I dreamt of becoming a teacher. When we are young we have life goals that appear to be attainable at the time, but we never think of the obstacles and hardships we will face in order to achieve those goals. I am the first in my family to graduate college, so when it was time to apply for colleges I had no familial assistance. My college experience began at Medaille College in the fall of 2010. Medaille is a small, private, predominately white institution (PWI) in Buffalo, NY. In high…

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  • The Globalization Of The Erie Canal

    Canal connected the Hudson River to the Great Lakes, therefore compressing space and time needed to travel to and from any of the cities and towns near the Canal. The network of canals which made up the Erie Canal was a successful system for the movement people as well as other goods. The Erie Canal changed the method of transportation in America as with the success of the canal, the cost of transportation dropped, which promoted more and more manufacturers and businesses as well as everyday…

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  • Soldier Observation

    While each component is independently important, which is the most important subject to YOU when it comes to Soldier readiness? The three key components of the performance triad are nutrition, physical activity and finally sleep (Army Public Health Center). I feel that all three are important in their own way. Sleep as defined by Webster dictionary is “the natural state of rest during which your eyes are closed and you become unconscious”. But based on the performance triad sleep is “very…

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  • Billy By Tim Obrien Analysis

    Class Berlin. Through the war, his first day in Vietnam Paul had fearful moments, but the most thing that affected him was the death of the soldier Billy Boy Watkins who lost his leg and ultimately dying from a heart attack. This event affects Paul throughout all the story. Throughout the text the story shows the realities of war through what kind of people joined the war, how they deal with fear, and the effects it has on their actions. There was many people who joined the war, some of them…

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  • Fear And Soldiers In The Things They Carried, By Tim O Brien

    War changes a person from who they used to be because of the danger and risk to life that they must face every day to survive. In The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien, we hear some of the harrowing stories of being a soldier in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam war was the longest war in American History, killing an estimated 60,000 United States soldiers and nearly 2 million Vietnamese. Tim O’Brien served as a foot soldier on the battlefront in Vietnam and lived to write about his experiences…

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