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  • Nationalism Essay

    aid one another against aggression by an enemy of greater power. Since Germany unified, it gradually become more powerful. Fearing that Germany may try to dominate Europe, Russia and France signed a military alliance in 1892 in the case of a defensive war against Germany. In 1904 Great Britain took similar action with France as they signed the Anglo-French Entente to provide mutual protection against Germany. Since Russia and Great Britain were both allied to France, they formalized defensive treaties at the Anglo-Russian Convention in 1907. Other countries such as Russia and Serbia were supportive of each other on the basis of common ethnicity of Slavic people. The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria allied themselves with Germany and Austria-Hungary due to national pride and a sense of revenge as Bulgaria had lost a battle to Serbia in 1913. Thus, countries all over the Eastern Hemisphere inadvertently found…

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  • Mark Biondich's The Balkans: Book Analysis

    Even though independence was now spread across the Balkan peninsula, national leaders demanded new lands ruled by its people in the distant past. The Austro-Hungarian’s used the Berlin settlement to extend their influence by forming alliances with Serbia and Romania, as well as already having significant influence in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and among the Albanians. The Russians were the least satisfied with the terms of the Berlin agreement, focusing most of their support on Bulgaria which…

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  • How We Survived Communism And Even Laughed Analysis

    Communism, a type of government in Eastern Europe at a time, where everyone was poor, became every citizen’s worst nightmare. Drakulić, Slavenka’s, How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed (1992), describes the struggle of Eastern European citizens, specifically women in the fight to end communism. Slavenka Drakulić was a Croatian journalist who travelled through various countries such as Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia East Germany, and Bulgaria, spending time with women and listening to…

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  • Hofstede's Value Dimensions Analysis

    Introduction Kicevo, Macedonia is located in the Balkan Peninsula and is one of many divisions of what was former Yugoslavia. Neighboring countries include Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria. This portion of the world has seen great changes in geography and culture for thousands of years. It was once a part of the great Roman and Ottoman empires, experienced occupation by the Axis Powers during World War II and has been a hot bed for changing political ideals and civil wars. In 1993,…

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  • Ottoman Empire Decline

    The term Ottoman is a dynastic designation which is extracted from Osman I (Arabic: ʿUthmān), who was the nomadic Turkmen leader who instituted both the dynasty and the empire about 1300. Ottoman empire dates back to 15th and 16th centuries, it was established by Turkish Tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor). It grew as one of the most influential states in the world. The period of Ottoman remained for 600 years and it ended in 1922, when it was substituted by the Turkish Republic and several other…

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  • Bulgaria Environmental Issues

    environmental issues according to the World Health Organization (2009) in Bulgaria manifests themselves in lung cancers, other cancers, neuropsychiatric disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and musculoskeletal diseases. The worst manifestation is in musculoskeletal diseases. Bulgaria has one of the highest percentages in the world in this cause of death. The causes of these environmental issues come from water and air pollution created mostly by industry. In 1972 the environment was becoming…

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  • Literary Analysis: Dulce Et Decorum Est And The Unknown Citizen

    Literary Analysis: Dulce et Decorum est & The Unknown Citizen Verbal irony is something that can be used in our everyday life. Auden’s poem’s title, “The Unknown Citizen” begins with a verbal irony. Owen mocks war in his poem, “Dulce et Decorum Est” by showing how sweet and fitting it is to die for one’s country. Both of the poems use irony to present to the reader the pity of war, how there is nothing heroic about the “unknown citizen” and how the two poets have a similar intention on…

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  • Disease In Bulgaria Essay

    Diseases The highest contributor to early mortality and disease in Bulgaria is cardiovascular disease. There are several social factors that make cardiovascular disease prevalent in the country. In the broad-spectrum of the disease, the spread of poor cardiovascular health is due to the living standards and lifestyles of Bulgarians. A typical nutrition pattern for a Bulgarian has a direct correlation with their long term health. The foods that are associated with their nutrition are foods such…

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  • Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria Case Analysis

    About Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) which is one of the leading banks in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe. Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria (RBB) is rated by the international agency Fitch with the rating BBB+, in the long term, and is fully licensed for operations in Bulgaria and abroad, according to the Bulgarian Law on Banking and Credit Activities. RBI has a well-developed network of daughter companies in countries…

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  • The Importance Of Tourism Industry In Bulgaria

    the health and wellness tourism accounts for only 3% of the whole tourism industry in the country. There is defiantly a need for improvement in this sector, e.g. more spa centres, better advertising and more recreational buildings. A lack of this improvement and advertising means that a lot western countries don’t know that Bulgaria is so excellent for health tourism. The combination of competitive quality of treatment, low prices and mineral water resources make Bulgaria one…

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