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  • Lying In Max Black's Essay 'On Bullshit'

    Summary 4: On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt Not many have ventured into finding a true definition for bullshit. Most people encounter bullshit on an almost daily basis. It comes in many shapes and forms and it is often employed loosely, with no general meaning (Frankfurt 1). The Oxford English Dictionary does however have an entry for bullshit. It also has many entries for bull and other similar words. One of the words that could be analogous to “bullshit” is the word, “Humbug”. In an essay written by Max Black, he offers a formal definition of humbug. Humbug: Deceptive misrepresentation, short of lying, especially by pretentious word or deed of somebody’s own thoughts, feelings, or attitudes (Frankfurt 3) Frankfurt then breaks down each part…

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  • The Achievement Habit By Roth, Bernard

    Life is Not That Easy In the book “The Achievement Habit” by Roth, Bernard, the theme of chapter two “Reasons are Bullshit” is do not use reasons to justify someone 's behavior. The main point is to stop using reasons to get out of certain situations and to stop making those certain actions seem reasonable. Roth’s rhetorical appeals and arguments are effective because he explains how reason are simply excuses to hide what people 's priorities really are. Roth backs up his argument using…

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  • Beautiful Bullshit

    The Boy and the Girl The two met because of a teacher. At first, they were not impressed. The girl was annoyed that she was moved away from her friends and the boy thought the girl was a whiny prissy bitch. It took the two a while to grow adjusted to one another. The boy came around first and thought he misjudged the girl, he started opening up about his previous life. This is what made the girl come around, this boy had lived such a life, and maybe it wasn’t so bad being away from her…

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  • Institutional Inaction, Bullshit, And Lying

    Picture Institutional Inaction, Bullshit, and Lying do not exist in a vacuum. Frustratingly, their effects are have ramifications for our understanding of truth far outside of the immediate 'truth value of X'. Indeed, when we make epistemic missteps, it can affect our entire worldview, degrade the assurances we have of knowledge, and provoke disaster far down the line. William Clifford showed us the danger of a boat captain ignoring good epistemic virtues, but what of an entire institution…

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  • Summary Of No Bullshit Social Media

    I read the book, No Bullshit Social Media, by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers. Their goal for this book is to not waste readers’ time and cut to the chase by focusing on only the important things readers need to know about social media. There are three key points in this book. The first one is that social media does not just gain friends and followers, but gains detractors. The second one is the social media does not just form communities, but forms brand power. And the third one is that social…

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  • Analytical Ethics In Harry Frankfurt's 'On Bullshit'

    respect and concern for the truth in the writings that were being produced in his time. The concept he believed that was widely used yet poorly understood, was: bullshit. This led him to write an essay “On Bullshit” in 1986 which later turned into a book which was originally published in 2005. Frankfurt’s stand was that people are more ignorant of reality and that bullshit is becoming a significant…

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  • Symbolism In Another Bullshit Night In Suck City

    Throughout his memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, Nick Flynn discusses the varying causes of homelessness in America. He discuses every topic from mental illness to poverty, drug abuse to alcoholism, and how each had there own effect on the homeless. While there are a multitude of possible reasons as to why someone is living on the street, Flynn focuses on the effects it has on an individual and on the reactions of society. Flynn calls attention to the rampant crisis of homelessness in…

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  • Essay On Correspondence Theory

    In this argument God exists, at least based on those whose evidence is written in a book that others follow in which everyone knows as the bible. It tries to persuade us in believing Gods existence without legit proof. I find this to be bullshit because I would not just believe that it was “God” who created us there has to be a greater explanation. The universe is so vast that our minds should expand on believing that there is a powerful being in the universe not necessarily the God everyone…

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  • The Achievement Habit By Mr. Bernard Roth

    Your Reasons Are Bullshit All college students have been late to class at least once, what was their reasoning? Their alarm did not go off, they thought it was Friday,or did they not do their homework? Mr. Bernard Roth, author of, “The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life” effectively uses Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle in his argument in Chapter two as he uses ethos, pathos, and logos to show that reasons are bullshit. Ethics sounds easy, right? Can…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Racism

    To Harry Frankfurt,”Bullshit,” is a phenomenon that is often employed loosely, as a term for abuse, but it has no specific meaning. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the word or term bullshit means nonsense or foolish insolent talk. Bullshit has many reasons for use and many of them are meant to deceive people. Nonsense or bullshit has always been a part of language, it does not matter what type of language it is or what subject like politics, or sports, bullshit will always be used.…

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