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  • Alexander The Great: The King Of Macedonia

    Alexander the Great was a king of a country called Macedonia and was born around 365 BC, he was thought of the greatest military leader of his time. He spent his childhood in hopes of becoming his father, his father was a conquer like him conquering many countries. He showed his skills as a child and one of the famous stories of him showing his skills is him taming Bucephalus(his horse) he then later used this horse to conquer the country. His late father was assassinated by the Pausanias, he was later assigned to the throne through family lineage. Once, he got throne he became a military leader of his country. He was credited and praised for his great plans and precision when it came to war. In his personal life, however, Alexander was married…

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  • Alexander The Great: Alexander III Of Macedonia

    Great /ɡrāt/ (adjective): Of an extent, amount or intensity considerably above average. Alexander III of Macedonia was considered great because in only thirty two years of his life he accomplished more than almost any other ruler or ancient human. In his lifetime he was the cavalry commander, king, conqueror of the Persian empire, and explorer of the Indian frontier. It is because of these accomplishments that he is known as,” Alexander the Great.” ( staff) Alexander the great was…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Invasion Of Persia

    Murdered at his daughter’s wedding in 336 B.C., the success of King Philip II of Macedonia was cut short at an inopportune time: just before his invasion of Persia. In accordance with Philip’s expectations, his son Alexander III inherited the Macedonian throne without much opposition, something uncommon for the time period. After securing the throne from pretenders and the nation from enemies, Alexander carried out his father’s plans to invade Persia, which had “dominated the whole world from…

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  • Religion In Macedonia

    and place it at the crossroad of eastern and western civilizations. A piece of land, which proved the world that the level of reverence and tolerance for different religious could be as high that religious and ethnic groups, both Christian and Muslim can share certain shrines, locations, and even feelings and moods associated with the same; a piece called Macedonia. Macedonia is home to various religious and ethnic communities with ancient traditions. In the past and today, these religious…

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  • Alexander How Great Is Great Essay

    Name: Alexander of Macedonia School: Macedonia’s University for the Gifted Major: Conquering and vast expansion for the better Grading: A+: Excellent A: Great B+: Good B: Puts in effort C+: Needs Improvement C: Needs More Improvement D+: Needs A lot more Improvement D: Needs A Great Amount of Improvement F: Fail Leadership Grade: A Notes/Comments: For one to conquer as much land as Alexander has been able to do, one must show an incredible amount of leadership. Seeing as Alexander grew up…

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  • King Philip II Research Paper

    to his throne “(Britannica). Having stopped any immediate threats, Philp worked to develop an army that would eventually work with his son Alexander to conquer most of the ancient world. Philp innovated many aspects of his army including “arms . . . tactics and training” (Britannica). Having prepared his army. Philip marched on to battle to “free north-western Macedonia from the Illyrians” (History). Philip successfully routed the Illyrians causing them to flee leaving 7,000 dead bodies, ¾…

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  • Why Is Alexander The Great Rise To Power

    Philip II and Queen Olympia. The purpose of my paper will be to prove that Alexander had a great rise to power and also a fall because of his obsession for power. Alexander the Great was a Conqueror who when in front of flatterers and spectators was compared to Gods. He acquired his power through conquest he himself boasted as being greater than those of his father. Alexander’s quests included liberation for the Greeks of Asia from Persian rule, as well as several battles fought against the…

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  • Alexander III Of Macedon: The Greatest Military Genius In The Known Ancient World

    and Olympias. King Philip II of Macedon who reigned 359 BCE to 336 BCE was an organised and strong king and military commander. His accomplishments in restructuring and refitting his armies set the stage for his son’s victory in his conquest of Persia. Philip inherited a weak, inferior country with an ineffective and undisciplined army and molded them into a formidable, efficient military force who eventually took over the territories around Macedonia. Philip with his new army subjugated most…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Importance Of Alexander The Great

    This essay aims to present the importance of Alexander the Great within the history. This character represents one of the most important characters of the history; not only of the past but also to the present, his achievements transcend until our days. It is interesting to observe how the outside facts and events that made large figure of Alexander. There are many historians and thinkers who have focused in investigate and analyze the mental aspects and personal of this character. These…

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  • Alexander The Great Influence

    The Theban army was slaughtered in battle, the city razed to the ground and 20,0000 people were sold into slavery. Some Macedonian sympathisers survived along with the poet Pindar’s descendants. Plutarch claims that Ale4xander regretted his actions. Never the less, his actions scared the other Greek states and out them under Alexanders submission. Only one attempt by Ages iii to overthrow the Macedonia occurred and was a failure. Alexander was now ready to invade Persia, but the southern Green…

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