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  • Benny Ballazhi Case Study

    throughout life. Success, is expected to bring out a certain amount of pride within an individual. In some culture’s, this may come across as boastful or arrogant, but in Macedonian culture, it is very much normal. This indicates a highly masculine culture where achievement is far more valuable than the experience alone. (Score: 80) Uncertainty Avoidance In Macedonia, being prepared is a valuable trait. People tend to exhibit a natural desire to work hard and face challenges. As oppose to leaving tasks to chance, most decisions are carried out only after careful analysis. Interestingly, there is a clear correlation between uncertainty avoidance and the masculinity category. In a culture where expectations are quite high, it would only make sense that mistakes are avoided at all costs. (Score: 70) Long Term Orientation People in Macedonia are fairly open to change, as long as some benefit can be clearly seen. However, there is a certain amount of value shown in traditional practices and customs as well. Macedonia falls largely in the middle within this category, while being more tolerant to change than that of more conservative cultures. Evolution within the culture, especially education, is often viewed as necessary in order to adapt in succeed in an ever changing world. (Score: 60) Indulgence Macedonians are largely restrained. Less emphasis and importance is placed on leisure time. Additionally, in some instances, engaging in leisure activity can be frowned upon.…

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  • Alexander The Great: Hero Or Villain?

    it states, “Alexander the Great committed numerous acts of violence and destruction as a military leader, including destroying the ancient city of Persepolis and knocking down prominent statues and religious figures.” During Alexander’s power trip he has caused a lot of damage. Alexander’s army and advisors had a lot to do with Alexander’s success yet he treated them harshly. Alexander’s army made him successful by giving him a chance to plan out his tactics. In agreement with…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Invasion Of Persia

    Murdered at his daughter’s wedding in 336 B.C., the success of King Philip II of Macedonia was cut short at an inopportune time: just before his invasion of Persia. In accordance with Philip’s expectations, his son Alexander III inherited the Macedonian throne without much opposition, something uncommon for the time period. After securing the throne from pretenders and the nation from enemies, Alexander carried out his father’s plans to invade Persia, which had “dominated the whole world from…

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  • Cleopatra's Last Macedonian-Greek Ruler

    Throughout history, many rulers have come to power by holding the succession to the throne. In a time when high level positions in dynasties were held predominantly by men, one woman used her brain rather than body to gain the respect of those around her. That leader, Cleopatra, used her skills and knowledge as a way to rule ancient Egypt as one of the last Macedonian-Greek rulers to rule shortly throughout her era. Cleopatra encountered and overcame many obstacles on her way to taking the…

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  • Write An Essay On American Culture And Culture

    Even though Macedonia does not have a specific staple, foods such as lamb, grapes, eggplant, cheese, wine are regularly consumed. Grains, vegetables, fruits, various meats and some desserts such as the “baklava”, are also popular. Furthermore, Macedonians particularly value sheep and yogurt. Moreover, there are numerous events celebrated in Macedonia, among which are Galicnik Wedding Festival, Ilinden Uprising Day, and Strumica Carnival. During these events, Macedonians would gather together and…

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  • Alexander The Great: A True Hero

    river and meet Porus in combat. But the sharp-witted military commander uses the strong wind and pouring rain to his advantage, in a strategy that once again proves his military. Alexander split his troops into three groups, and took one group upstream with the heavy rain concealing them. They crossed the river and attacked, shocking the enemy. Then Alexander the Great sent the second group, the cavalry, came in to attack from behind, killing numerous elephant riders and sending elephants into a…

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  • Why Is Alexander The Great Rise To Power

    Alexander’s quests included liberation for the Greeks of Asia from Persian rule, as well as several battles fought against the Persians. He fought these battles with one of his leading commanders named Cletus by his side. Cletus met an untimely end during a drunken argument with Alexander over his bend of Macedonian custom. Cletus questioned Alexanders intentions of unifying Macedonia and Persians culture. Many nobles also questioned raising conflict among the Macedonian empire. Alexander’s…

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  • Alexander The Great Causes

    King Philip II of Macedon developed an impressive formidable army, known as the Macedonian Phalanx. In 337 he was chosen to lead this great army of Greeks against Persia. But just one year later King Philip II was assassinated. The new king of Macedon was his son, Alexander III, which was later to be known as Alexander the great, became king at just 20 years old in 336 BCE. Alexander the Great and his inherited army would quickly destroy the Persian empire and dominate virtually all of the…

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  • What Candidates Need David Brooks Analysis

    gap in the center of his army, thus giving Alexander an opening, and launched a “determined assault on the center” (Wasson, “Battle of Gaugamela”) of Darius’s army. With this tactic, nothing stood between his cavalry and Persian soldiers as he led a “ferocious charge in the Persian lines” (Wasson, “Battle of Gaugamela”). Alexander chose to leave some of his cavalry units behind to fight off the Persian horsemen and preventing them to pursue Alexander. Alexander’s soldier soon followed with their…

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  • My Trip To Antalectica

    re-creation of the opening scene in Frozen where everyone was helping out collectively in order to stop water going into their house. After 3 hours of tug war with the water coming and going the battle was won. Everyone gathered together and came into my grandparent’s house and watched the news to see what was going on as up to this point we didn’t know how or why a flood hit us and we hear that the neighbourhoods around us were still affected and needed help. In the Albanian culture there is a…

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