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  • Campus Safety Pros And Cons

    cons. One major down side for me is that they do not offer my major there, or anything even relatively close. Also their core classes are not very helpful if you are looking to transfer to another school after two years. The way their core classes work is there are two different options, Great Books and Integrative Program. As I was comparing the Integrative Program to UGA’s and GCSU’s core classes they did not align at all. A positive side to Mercer is their small classes. The largest class that David Holland, a freshman, had was his chemistry class and that contained sixty to seventy students. He said the smallest class he had contained about sixteen students. Two other plus sides are the distance from home and that safety. Mercer is in Macon and is the closet out of all the colleges I researched. David said that he always felt safe on campus and that the on campus police will give you a ride to your dorm if you need them too. The final positive is the meal plan. It is unlimited and you have ten meal swaps for on campus restaurants such as Burger Studio and Einstein’s…

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  • Analysis: Betty Bivins Edwards

    Betty Bivins Edwards’ is a well-known Artist out of Macon, Georgia. Ms. Edwards’ started painting with watercolors in the 1970s. However, during a visit to Oxford, England while studying medieval art, she experienced an inspirational moment that defined her future to become an artist. After visiting the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia and looking at the different paintings and potteries that were on display at the museum, two particular pictures caught my attention that was…

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  • The Lottery Ticket Short Story Analysis

    In life, there is that tendency to ruin the good things one has going on in their lives when they become more successful than they already are. People become inundated with the joy and achievement that they begin to act irresponsibly. A great thing such as winning the lottery can bring cheerfulness and satisfaction into one’s life but, on the other hand, this great thing can also become a complete nightmare. In most cases, when one goes from being extremely poor to being exceptionally rich, it…

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  • Macon In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    is no exception. In this novel, the main character Macon (Milkman) Dead III had always subconsciously thought that he has no future. Morrison makes it seem that he is doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps of isolation and insensitivity. He is swallowed by both his parents’ fears, insecurities, and greed. This essentially stuns his emotional growth and development as he ages and causes him to lose himself. He is unable to regain his lost personality until he is well into adulthood and goes…

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  • Symbolism In Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist Macon

    Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist Macon is faced with the destruction of his home. The descriptive analysis used to portray the pipe burst that floods Macon’s home exposes the atmosphere not just in the house, but also in Macon. Before Tyler even begins describing the scene the demeanor is already implied by the weather. This part of the novel takes place in the dead of winter just after a snowstorm. Winter is usually associated with the cold and that piercing wind chill that goes right through…

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  • The Accidental Tourist Analysis

    The Accidental Tourist is a novel written by Anne Taylor originally published in 1985. She has thirteen novels published so far, and over fifty short stories written. The Accidental Tourist introduces us to main protagonist, Macon Leary, and the life changes he goes through after a “divorce”. Macon is married to Sarah for about twenty years, until she decides to end the relationship and separate. However, the divorce papers are not signed, so it was more of a mini separation. In the beginning of…

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  • Accidental Tourist Character Analysis

    In The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler describes the life of a man named Macon, and different occurrences that completely transform him. From the start of the novel, the reader learns about Macon’s dark past and the subsequent negative and positive repercussions that resound throughout his life. Tyler then displays how these changes have impacted his life in an unpredictable yet entirely positive way. For instance, only a few years before the book begins, Macon’s son had been killed while he was…

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  • Analysis Of The Accidental Tourist

    as they are relevant to the text thematically. In the novel, the focus is placed primarily on protagonist Macon Leary; special attention is given to his adjustment to the loss of his son and an impending divorce from his wife, Sarah. Through this focus on Macon’s changes in life, the themes of loss, the disillusionment of life, and the process of changing over time are explored thoroughly within the text. To better understand these themes and the text as a whole, it is beneficial to look at The…

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  • Theme In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    Morrison presents us the story of Macon Dead II encountering the sack of gold. Macons reaction to the gold was, “Life, safety, and luxury fanned out before him like the tail spread of a peacock, and as he stood there trying to distinguish each delicious color” (Morrison 170). Milkman also encountered the peacock when Guitar and him attempted to steal the gold. Milkman said, “But the bird had set them up”(Morrison 179). The Peacock is a bird that is beautiful however it can’t fly. Majority of…

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  • Privilege And Power In 'Angry Black Boy'

    For example, Macon was white and he was standing up and speaking for all the black and people of color out there (Mansbach, 2005). People listened because he had the privilege of being white, they saw him as a trustworthy source. Which leads to the power that the privilege of being white brings you. In the novel, Angry Black White Boy, it is discussed that “even if they (White people) have black friends, never expose themselves to any situation that will make them feel uncomfortable or like the…

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