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  • Biographical Production Film Steve Jobs, Directed By Danny Boyle

    In a biographical, production film, “Steve Jobs,” directed by Danny Boyle, Steve Jobs purpose is to design an archetype PC specifically for the education market, but he encounters personal and professional obstacles in the process. The following film is arranged into three different scenarios from the time span of 1984 through 1998 diving into the career of a notable innovator and Apple Inc. co-founder, Steve Jobs. Correspondingly, each scene commences immediately prior to the launch of the cutting-edge and fundamental product: the Apple Macintosh, the NeXT Computer and the iMac. Throughout 1984, the Apple Macintosh 128K, the original Macintosh designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc., voice demo declines moments before its revelation…

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  • Apple's Utilitarianism

    The first television advertisement from then Apple Computer, Inc. aired in 1984 to introduce the Apple Macintosh 128k during Super Bowl XVIII. The advertisement, entitled “1984” is reminiscent of George Orwell’s popular novel 1984. In the ad, a young woman is being chased by four police officers, presumably the Thought Police from Orwell’s novel, as she runs towards a large screen with a man giving a speech to a large mass of emotionless prisoners, oddly reminiscent of Big Brother. As the…

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  • Steve Paul Jobs Strengths And Weaknesses

    daughter. When Jobs was approached by his friends that founded the company with him on numerous circumstances, he chose to ignore them and focus on more “pressing” issues. Jobs sacrificed relationships in order to grow his company as his personal convictions drove him to make numerous inappropriate decisions. Jobs’ lack of empathy and inability to utilize emotional intelligence skills made many people in his life resent him despite his charismatic personality. Key Issues One of Jobs’ greatest…

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  • Case Study Of Steve Jobs Personality And Attitudes Drove His Success

    Jobs was Apples visionary and he put together a team called the Macintosh team who helped him in creating his very own product, called the Macintosh computer in 1984. After a power battle between Jobs and Sculley, Jobs was stripped from all his responsibilities and removed from his position in the Macintosh group. Jobs left Apple only to return in 1997, saving the company from near bankruptcy. It was during that time, that Jobs passion for the company he had created and his controlling nature…

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  • Steve Jobs: Social Strain Theory: Position As Innovator

    Part l: Introduction When most people hear the name Steve Jobs, they immediately think of the company, Apple. Yet, not many people know what other statuses Jobs had attained throughout his lifetime. Jobs, after being kicked out of his own company, founded a separate hardware/software company, NeXT Inc., bought Pixar from George Lucas, and became the largest stockholder of Disney. However all of these accomplishments would not have been possible if Steve did not deviate from societal norms.…

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  • Levels Of Leadership In Good To Great, By Jim Collins

    Jim Collins wrote the book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, in order to provide information of turning a mediocre and okay company into a great one. This three-hundred-page book was published in the year of 2001. In order to obtain all the information within this book Collins had a large team of researchers behind him. There were thousands of articles that information was taken from to obtain all the information needed. Within the book Good to Great, Collins…

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  • The HP Way

    Justin Safier 12/3/2017 Business Communications The HP Way One of the main locations of major innovation in the United States in the last 40 years has been Silicon Valley in California and the company considered to have started it all was HP. The book, The HP Way by David Packard, David, one of the cofounders of HP goes over how he and Bill Hewlett started HP and how they grew it into the mega-corporation that it is today and try to explain why it’s so successful today and how it can be…

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  • Apple Vs Pc Compare And Contrast

    Various important choices plague people’s lives every day, and one that applies to a plethora of people is choosing the right computer. There are two main computer companies, Microsoft and Apple, that are quite different in their approach to manufacturing and advertising their products. The Apple genius or PC expert have no shame in attempting to persuade the customer to buy their respective brand. The Apple genius will try to smooth over the potential buyer with the fancy designs and the Apple…

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  • Compare The Organizational Structure Of Apple And Microsoft

    Organizational structure refers to the way of arranging people and assigning responsibilities to perform work and meet goals in an organization, it is particularly important for the large organization, where decisions need to be made in many tasks, unlike in the case of a small organization that day-to-day communication is frequent and formal structure is unnecessary (Distelzweig, n.d.). In order to explain the concept of a good organizational structure, two organizations are chosen for…

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  • How Apple Transformed Me Short Story

    How Apple Transformed Me! Story Of Beautiful Tools For Your Communication Aha Has this happened to you before? Someone asks you an innocent, simple question and your first instinctive answer surprises you? I have always had a fascination with the word beautiful for things that are beyond the reach of the eye - a beautiful rendition, a beautiful mind and many more. When a friend of mine asked me in half jest over coffee, “ Congrats on your 100 blog renditions on LinkedIn, what is the most…

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