Steve Jobs Rhetorical Analysis

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In 1997 Steve Jobs deliver a speech in Boston to commemorate the partnership Microsoft created with Apple. The reason why i chose to do an essay on Steve Jobs is because his success is something that truly baffles me. I can 't wrap my head around the fact that a company that has never created a single piece of revolutionary technology or added something to the conversation can see such great success. This why i think that this is a perfect topic for me to write a rhetorical analysis about because im able to educate myself with all the different ways Steve Jobs was able to manipulate people to buy a product that is inferior to its competition. As Steve jobs begins his speech he says that apple is just like a ecosystem they need help from others and they need to others. This appeals to the audience in a logical way by …show more content…
Bill gates is seen as the anti christ to many apple fans because apple has created a very biased group of consumers in the past because they know that creating a very dedicated fanbase is essential for making profits. This strategy is also great for uniting people by putting them up against a common enemy, this enemy is Microsoft. Right after Bill Gates leaves the stage Steve Jobs says “If we want to see Apple healthy and prospering again we need to let go of the notion that for Apple to win Microsoft has to lose” this statement only proves my thesis about Steve Jobs has created a consumer base that is extremely biased towards one company and would like nothing more to see it fail. This also does another thing for to appeal with ethics to convince his audience that apple is a caring company that only want to see everyone succeed. Furthermore this also portrays something about his character, convincing people that he is a good person even though he contradicts the ideas what he was portraying years

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