Apple Target Marketing Strategy

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Apple Target Customer
Apple, Inc. has experienced phenomenal growth since the founding of the company by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. The company revolutionized communication, as well as accelerated the pace of innovation in the computer world (Gallo, 2012). The founders of the company were intelligent minds, but market researchers who have studied the growth of the company, have attributed the success of the company to technological innovation and ingenious marketing strategies (Johnson, Li, Phan, Singer, & Trinh, 2012)
In a paper entitled The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc; which was published in 2012 by Marshall University, the authors have attributed the success of the company to the ingenuity of its founders, as well as ingenious marketing strategies, which focused the company’s marketing resources on the target market. The principal unit of the target market is the target customer.
Target Customer
The target customer refers to the population which makes up that segment of the market for which the product is geared towards, and who are likely to extract maximum benefit from the product (Kurtz, 2010).
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For this reason, the primary objective of a worthwhile marketing strategy is to ensure that the products appeals to the target customers who make up the target market. The marketing mix strategy is composed of four elements, which are; the product itself, the price of the product, promotion of the product and the place where the product is to be sold. All these four elements act concertedly to determine the odds of market uptake of a product. If the right product is sold at the right price in the wrong place, then it is unlikely that it would fare well in market (Kurtz, 2010). The same applies to Apple products, with the element of place obliging the company to build products which feature multilingual support

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