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    QUESTION 1 IDENTIFY AND EXPLAIB ANY THREE (3) MANAGEMENT FUNCTION PERFORMED BY STEVE JOBS IN APPLE INC The job of management is to support an organization makes the best use of its resources to achieve its goals. All managers must have the abilities to recognize performance problems and opportunities in daily event , make good decisions and act appropriately. In the case of Steve Jobs in Apple Inc, management functions that he performed includes and not bound to planning, leading and controlling. Leading can be described as the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts towards goal setting and goal achievement. Steve Jobs leadership style encouraged the Apple inc to return to its innovative roots. Must…

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  • Steve Jobs Biography

    The film Steve Jobs (2015) by Danny Boyle was more than a biography on the famous Steve Jobs. From beginning to end, the film gave us a view of how much technology not only turned Steve Jobs into Apple’s iconic mascot, but it shows the scars it left on both Jobs and Apple themselves. Over the course of the film, they highlighted the changes both Steve Jobs and Apple had to take to not only stay within the highly competitive market, but to find a balance between innovative and practical…

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  • Steve Jobs Case

    multibillion-dollar organization, (Paroutis, Heracleous, & Angwin, 2013). Owner and co-founder Steve Jobs was instrumental in taking a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and make it into a thriving billion-dollar company. Steve Jobs was a leader who was not only innovative but also a perfectionist. His passion for Apple was unsurpassed, which was reflected in his dedication and remarkable intuition. He could easily be described as unpredictable in nature and somewhat course in…

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  • Steve Jobs Leadership

    Inc. is an American Multinational Technology Company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers. It was incorporated as Apple computers Inc. on January 3, 1977, to reflect its shifted focus forward consumer electronics. Apple's organizational structure and workplace practices…

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  • Steve Jobs And Wozniak

    before the years before 1976, two problems aroused: Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, have, and had known each other, since high school. Also, till the year of 1976, both Steve Wozniak, and with Steve Jobs, whom both did, dropped out of college, as students. In the past tense of history, Apple, wasn’t even considered as a computer business back then, as past pre-tense. Till the year of 1976, became the current/present year came into reality. However, during the year of 1976, Apple, was pending…

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  • Steve Jobs: An Innovator?

    An innovator, immensely driven or perfectionist - Steve Jobs was considered to have all of these qualities and he had the drive to be the best. Though Jobs founded Apple purely with the idea to produce computers, the company later branched out to make many other successful products such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac as well. Steve Jobs creatively led Apple’s success with a drive and focus on harnessing technology to build innovative products that won customers by enriching experiences. The…

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  • Steve Jobs Influence

    The Wonderful Art of Steve Jobs “...while some may see them as the crazy ones,we see genius,because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,are the ones who do” ( This is a very famous yet wise quote from the CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs. Many may look at him as somebody who just invented another form of technology and others may see him as a complete world changer who that impacts everyday lives. Jobs was more than an inventor of multiple forms of…

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  • Steve Jobs Hero

    Being a hero can’t be passed down to just anyone. In Becoming Steve Jobs, they explore achievements in Steve Jobs’ life to display that he is a hero. Steve Jobs was the brains in the first mass-produced microcomputer, Apple II. The computer wouldn’t have been designed without his significant contribution which kickstarted the Microcomputer industry. Steve Jobs was never doing his work primarily for money, it was about his love for his job and the people who worked there. He was concerned about…

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  • Interview With Steve Jobs

    In an interview with Steve Jobs, he explained a personal experience many years ago. Jobs was reading a magazine and came across an article listing the species best suited and able of “locomotion, … [getting] from point A to point B”. Jobs made the inference that humans, a dominating species, were not near to the top of the list. Next, it was tested the ability of locomotion when a human utilized a bicycle. This test immediately made the human dominant on the list. This got Steve thinking “that…

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  • Steve Jobs Discourse

    Presentation This report is about the discriminating investigation of relational abilities, styles, and viability of discourses of two acclaimed identities of world – Barack Obama and Steve Jobs. It comprises of the individual examination of both discourses and after that investigating their styles and aptitudes. Firstly we talk about imparting style of Barack Obama. Given us a chance to take a gander at the triumph discourse by Obama in 2007 re-decisions. Obama is a viable speaker who…

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