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  • Persuasive Essay On Iphone 6

    So what is Apple up to now? We all know that Apple’s most valuable technological innovation is the iPhone. This phone is beloved by almost all consumers and the envy of its competition. Recently, Apple announced its new iPhone 6s at its annual convention in California. Apple showcased new features such as, a new internal design, a more powerful front and back facing cameras, and an all-new 3D touch display. When comparing those new features to the iPhone 6 is it worth buying? Originally the iPhone 6 was released, Apple took the world by storm by issuing its first take on a larger size iPhone. The iPhone 6 broke numerous records for Apple making it the best selling iPhone of all time. The iPhone 6 offered a 4.7-inch screen, an improved 8-megapixel camera, and a new an improved fingerprint sensor. This iPhone was unlike any previous model ever seen before with its wrap around aluminum design and protruding camera. The iPhone 6 was one of the fastest smartphones on the market, until September 9th when the iPhone 6s came out. At first glance, looking the 6 and 6s models side by side there is no difference in them; however, internally the iPhone 6s contains a more stronger aluminum build and a new A9 processer. A stronger aluminum build was created due to the bend gate controversy. Bend gate was essentially about the iPhone 6 being too easy to bend when a certain amount of pressure was applied. There have been numerous news stories and online videos showing the new iPhone being…

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  • Computers: A Comparison Of Apple Vs. PC

    Lead designer Jony Ive first designed the iMac, it came as a stark contrast to the manilla, beige colored PCs as it was colorful and lively (Casserly). Even after the iMac launch, Apple has invented new designs with their MacBook Pro series laptops, creating an extremely slim, aluminum type body that was lightweight and stylish. However, recently Apple has hit the creative wall as they have not contrived new designs to their computers in the recent years. PC has made extravagant strides in…

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  • My Macbook E Paragraph

    My computer is an Apple MacBook Pro 13’. A MacBook is part of Apple’s computer family and was introduced in 2006. Every since then, technology has improved greatly and now a lot of the newer Macs are enhanced. For example, in 2013, Apple released “retina display” to their computer family to enhance the screen for consumers to use. The new retina display screens are way more bright and clear. I mainly use my MacBook for everything, from watching Netflix, to doing all different types of school…

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  • Apple Vs Pc Compare And Contrast

    Apple computers are sold at twice the price of PC computers and are barely able to perform the same tasks. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that PC computers often are virus-prone, as there are many independent repair shops that can help, unlike the case of Apple products. Gaming on a MacBook Pro or an iMac is entirely possible, but high-end games and newer games require improved graphics cards that come already installed in PC gaming computers. Aesthetics are undeniably an important decision in…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Apple

    One of the most recognizable brands in our modern society, not only in the United States, but in the entire world, is Apple. Take a stroll across campus and you will find iPhones and MacBooks in the hands of just about every other student. It makes you wonder what is so hypnotizing about this partially eaten apple that makes these products so overwhelmingly popular with our generation. Now consider that somehow, even though they will all tell you otherwise, these Apple users we see every day…

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  • Money And Environment: Apple Vs. Environment

    Money versus Environment Apple is one of the leading companies in the technology industries. Competition between Microsoft and Apple has been ongoing for several years. When people buy any sort of electronic device they look for three things: is it a good product? Will it offer me everything I wanted? And will it last long? Customers aren’t aware of the different parts and functions that may be included in the devices such as RAM and Disc. Without knowledge of these parts, how are clients…

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  • How Apple Transformed Me Short Story

    How Apple Transformed Me! Story Of Beautiful Tools For Your Communication Aha Has this happened to you before? Someone asks you an innocent, simple question and your first instinctive answer surprises you? I have always had a fascination with the word beautiful for things that are beyond the reach of the eye - a beautiful rendition, a beautiful mind and many more. When a friend of mine asked me in half jest over coffee, “ Congrats on your 100 blog renditions on LinkedIn, what is the most…

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  • Education Is The Key To Unlock The Golden Door Of Freedom Essay

    It was February 1946 when John Maulchly presented to the public the ENIAC, a room-sized elaborator, that we can call the first computer.It was expensive, bulky, and oftentimes technically prohibitive machine. All that was requested from it was to compute numbers. Like Darwin theorized the evolution of man from the apes, computers evolved too. They got cheaper, smaller, and easy to use. They acquired monitors and peripherals, a lot of plug-ins peripherals that became a common possession for the…

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  • Abortion Controversy Essay

    Some say that as long as their child is in safe hands, they will do whatever it takes, while others do not want to change their morals or at least negotiate to figure out a solution. Thomas G. Wenski, the author of the article ‘Restore the Rights of Parents on Abortion,’ states that, “nevertheless, both those who identify themselves either as pro-life or pro-choice should be able to agree that a parent’s first responsibility is to nurture and protect their child” (Wenski). No matter your morals…

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  • Why Abortion Should Not Be Legal

    Over the years many women have fought for their rights in this world, some women even dying for these rights. So when people wanted to overturn a decision that supported women’s right it was an uproar. Women fought for this decision to remain legal because it was there right. The right to keep abortion legal should not be made by the old white men sitting in office who do not relate to women in today 's society. The choice to have an abortion is not an easy decision for women to make therefore…

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