Education Is The Key To Unlock The Golden Door Of Freedom Essay

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It was February 1946 when John Maulchly presented to the public the ENIAC, a room-sized elaborator, that we can call the first computer.It was expensive, bulky, and oftentimes technically prohibitive machine. All that was requested from it was to compute numbers. Like Darwin theorized the evolution of man from the apes, computers evolved too. They got cheaper, smaller, and easy to use. They acquired monitors and peripherals, a lot of plug-ins peripherals that became a common possession for the average middle-aged American. So when Steve Jobs slipped out of a manila envelope the MacBook air in 2008, a lot people like Joanna Stern a Personal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, thought that “it was a downright crazy idea. For …show more content…
An you don’t necessitate to be near a plug for a very long time. A computer has never been more flexible and dynamic. It broaden your availability of work places. George Washington Carver said “education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” I say that giving student the tools to master education everywhere they want is providing them with a key to that golden door. You could use your computer from a park. Sitting on a bench or in the back seat of a bus. Isn 't amazing to be able to decide to work or study from wherever you feel like and not to be bound to a office or a room. This is a real freedom. There are other ports like an audio jack, two USB , a Thunderbolt and SD reader but people are using them more sparingly. So this idea of making a laptop relying mostly on the internet cloud has apparently not been so crazy, since today all the competitors are making ultra thin laptops too. But in creating something so thin they also had to keep the solid feel of the thicker computers. To keep the structural stiffness of the device they carved a piece of aluminum to perfectly match the internal components, looking at the machinery on the production line carving into the metal box it’s as amazing as watching a sculptor working on a piece a

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