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  • Personal Essay: My Experience Of A Magnetic Machine

    dream birthday, Brother bought a large birthday cake and Mom prepared homemade pizzas, but it was always Dad’s present that I anticipate the most. By the time I tore open the gift, I did not even know that it was a beginning of everything especially for my passion towards machine. It was a model of complex machine racecar set. I shoot an “excited” look to my father and smile, oblivious to the fact that this gift would change my life forever. That night, I decided to give the set a try. I flipped open the manual and just stared at the instructions which a twelve-years-old kid like me considered as ‘extremely complicated’. After going through numerous trials and errors and spending…

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  • Beginner Sewing Machines

    What are beginner sewing machines? Beginner sewing machines are sewing machines that are fit to be used by individuals who are new to sewing. They are specifically designed for beginners and are not so complicated as compared to sewing machines used by intermediate or advanced tailors and dressmakers. They are basic machines which are easy to use. Therefore, it is very important that if you are new in this industry, you make an effort to get the best sewing machine. Why do we need to get the…

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  • The Time Machine Classic

    The Time Machine When an author writes a book, there are many different attributes that could cause the book to be studied carefully, have characteristics of becoming a classic, and contribute different aspects to society. H.G. Wells shows the reader a desolate future by displaying how mankind will move towards a more capitalist society and change for the worst, in his classic The Time Machine. H.G. Wells, author of great works such as the Time Machine, the Chronic Argonauts, and…

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  • Decline In The Time Machine

    Time Traveller arrives in 802, 701 AD, Wells presents a dystopian future. The year itself expresses deterioration. The first half of the number of 802 decreases in the second half to 701; 8 becomes 7, 2 becomes 1. Moreover, the Time Traveller discovers that humanity’s technological advances subsequently made them complacent. The descendants of the human race, the Elois, have regressed from Victorian times and are ‘childlike’ (24). They only have the ‘intellectual level of one of our five year…

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  • Plug Into The Experience Machine Analysis

    P1. If pleasure is what we value most and we will experience more pleasure by doing x rather than doing y, then we should do x over y P2. We will experience more pleasure by plugging into the Experience Machine than not plugging into the Experience Machine C1: If all that matters to us is maximising pleasure then we should want to plug into the experience machine. (P1&P2) P3. We have reason to not want to plug into the Experience Machine C2. Therefore, experiencing as much pleasure as possible…

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  • Nozick's Arguments To The Experience Machine

    Utopia’, Nozick proposes a famous thought experiment known as the ‘Experience Machine’. This hypothetical machine aims to argue against moral hedonism by proposing that there are more intrinsically important elements to one 's existence than pleasure, namely experience. This essay aims to firstly outline Nozick’s argument, illustrate how it can be seen as a counter-argument to hedonism and finally provide a critique of the conditions of the argument. Nozick introduces his readers to the…

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  • The Ultimate Experience Machine Analysis

    is similar to Nozick’s experience thought machine. Philosophers, such as Nozick, argued that a life plugged…

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  • My Purpose Of Machine Perception

    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My motivation to study machine perception is a long-term passion for mathematics, programming, and the human brain. Before knowing much about machine intelligence, my primary motivation was to take part and securing the first place in Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad for three times. Following this achievement, I graduated in Electrical Engineering taking major classes on theoretical signal processing at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Additionally, I…

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  • Vending Machines Research Report

    Vending Machine Products on College Campuses The following report is intended for review by the Marketing Department of XYZ Vending Company. The results, views, and recommendations contained here within this report are from a DRAFT survey focusing on college students at University of Colorado- Colorado Springs (UCCS) as the target audience. It is requested that marketing members provide critical feedback for adjustments, deletions, or additions to the DRAFT survey found at this link:…

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  • The Time Machine Film Analysis

    George Pal’s The Time Machine, released in 1960, is the first adaptation of H.G. Wells’s book of the same name. It is the story of George the time traveler as he explores Erth’s future while reflecting on the past. The film follows the concept of the book, but dives deeper into the struggles of the human race as we know it, and that of the future. The film adaptation of The Time Machine uses its literary inspiration as a guide, but takes a different course to deliver the intended message. The…

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