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  • Alienation From Nature In The Machine Stops By E. M. Forster

    In 1909 E.M. Forster wrote the ground-breaking short story “The Machine Stops”, it foretold of a dystopian society where mankind entrusted itself to a machine which took care of al their wants and needs, and ultimately lead to their demise.…

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  • The Machine Stops Analysis

    3. Little human contact B. Today 1. Phones 2. Video Chat 3. Human contact II. Transportation A. The Machine Stops 1. Airships 2. Underground Train 3. Driverless Cars B. Today 1. Planes 2. Trains 3. Cars 4. Bikes and manual walking III. Entertainment A. The Machine Stops 1. Music 2. TV 3. Video Chat B. Today 1. Music 2. TV 3. Video games IV. Daily Life A. The Machine Stops 1. Medicine 2. School 3. Sleep B. Today 1. Medicine 2. School 3. Sleep In 1909 “The Machine Stops” was written…

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  • Analysis Of Interpreter Of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri

    The Cultural Divide In Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri emphasizes the divide between Western and Hindu culture through contrasting imagery of the sari and revealing clothing worn by Mrs. Sen, Mrs. Das, and Mala in the stories “Mrs. Sen’s”, “Interpreter of Maladies”, and “The Third and Final Continent”. By using contrasting imagery, Lahiri shows the cultural barriers that stem from her characters feeling the need to choose their own traditional values and beliefs or those of a new culture.…

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  • The Wasp And The Echo Analysis

    The Wasp and the Echo: The Oneness with Everything In A Passage to India, E. M. Foster explores various conflicts between the Indian and the English in a dramatic setting. Foster is a master of realism; however, what walks side by side with the realistic plots like the trial and the friendship is the mysticism, which reflects Foster’s extraordinary ability to grasp the essence of the Oriental spirit. Realistic descriptions in many colonial literary works sometimes cannot suffice to present the…

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  • A Passage To Indian Friendship Analysis

    Is it possible for Indians and English people to become friends and tolerate each other 's differences? These differences include race, power, and religion. Can they, in a larger sense, unite together in friendship through collectivism and dharma? The answer is not obtained through the text, A Passage To India, by E.M. Forster; instead, the reader must observe the text and decide an answer to these questions. Through observations, the reader learns that it is necessary that all living creatures…

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  • Why Girl Analysis

    Mahasweta Devi, a proficient Bengali writer and activist who puts a question mark on the democratic and civilized nation, India. It is imperative to have a clear understanding of “marginalised “in order to understand and appreciate the writings of Mahasweta. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the concept “marginalize” means “to make somebody feel as if they are not important and cannot influence decisions or events; or to put somebody in a powerless position”. Mahasweta empathetically restates…

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  • Analysis Of The New Empire Within Britain By Salman Rushdie

    In the extract from the essay ’’The new empire within Britain’’ Salman Rushdie, an Indian born Briton and author, explores the subjects of institutional racism, the subconscious racist nature of the English language and the stains that the time of imperialism has left on the British mentality. To gather Rushdie’s main thesis, one need only to look at the title: “The New Empire within Britain”. Rushdie states: “It sometimes seems that the British authorities, no longer capable of exporting…

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  • Matriarchal Conflict In Howards End By E. M. Forster

    The novel Howards End by E.M. Forster showcases many examples of strong female characters. Margaret and Helen Schlegal live on their own and take care of themselves. Then there is the character of Ruth Wilcox. Mrs. Wilcox is an important matriarchal force in the novel. Not only does she lead her family, she also is a great influence on the Schlegal girls. When she passes, a conflict arises over who will take over who will replace her. The ending of the novel resolves this conflict by elevating…

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  • Double Effect Essay

    There arise two problems when discussing the doctrine of double effect, the first being the close connection theory, and the second being choice description relativity. First, we’d discuss the choice description relativity. The idea behind choice description relativity is that you can explain the harm away to make it foreseen and unintended. In both CC and HC, the doctor intends to have the fetus and mother survive, and if given the chance to save both, it is expected they would. By stating this…

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  • Desk Management Case Study

    problems. The customer service should have their back up. Customers should deliver in real time in ongoing basis in holding service and Internet the customer directly identify the problem. There is a possibility that the service has received final issue of the customer support team to resolve fatly. To provide support to consumer Inter related services they are many different ways. Customer support services provided by the internet is considered really great selection. In this case we can get…

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