Money And Environment: Apple Vs. Environment

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Money versus Environment
Apple is one of the leading companies in the technology industries. Competition between Microsoft and Apple has been ongoing for several years. When people buy any sort of electronic device they look for three things: is it a good product? Will it offer me everything I wanted? And will it last long? Customers aren’t aware of the different parts and functions that may be included in the devices such as RAM and Disc. Without knowledge of these parts, how are clients suppose to evaluate whether these are better for their investments or not? Clients are lead to believe that the newer devices are better than the old. This gives potential buyers the wrong idea in terms of what is reliable such as the newest Macbook Pro. We will examine how using products that cannot be altered or replaced will bring bigger revenue to companies as well as their impact on the
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But people are distracted by the design, which makes them ignore the explicit flaws and implications associated with the product. As suggested by Jason Koebler in older computers, RAM was used for short term memory and the disc was used to save the long term memory. In newer computers as suggested by Apples newest laptop, they combine both of these elements and make it in to one, they call it SSD. By reducing the amount of mechanics within the devices they are making it harder to purchase individual parts when the device is broken. This leads to an increasing amount of people who will buy more than one laptop every couple of years. This depicts that instead of building computers that can last longer, companies create computer that has a short life span in order to increase the revenue. This not only effects the environment in terms of excess consummation of resources but also in the ways these companies choose to dispose the out-dated

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