Personal Narrative: A College Student's Needs

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Esteban Osorio
English 15A
Zachary Clough
February 18, 2016
A College Student’s Needs
18 million students are enrolled into college every year in the United States. Coincidentally, each student will be required to gain access to the internet as colleges become more technology dependent. With so many different kinds of computers out there, it can be a daunting choice to choose the correct one for their specific needs and that can readily meet their necessities for the years to come as a student. The MacBook Pro was the pc I went with, and it was an excellent choice although there are plenty of other options that are equally as worthy. The important attributes that a “great computer for a college student” have are its ease of portability, powerful
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Some of the cheapest laptops out there come with many features that may or may not be on higher end computers. For example, the MacBook Pro, considered by some a luxury, lacks a CD-drive that can be a necessity for some. A separate CD-drive must be purchased in order to use a simple CD. The laptop also abandoned the Ethernet cable port; putting a student in a rough situation when the Wi-Fi is down. Although missing two basic standard features, the MacBook Pro makes it up in other qualities. Ample USB drives are installed as well as a HDMI port. A 720p FaceTime webcam and microphone are integrated that can be useful for online classes or any similar academic uses(apple). The screen is a 13.3 (diagonal) inch Retina Display with a 2560-by-1600 resolution at 227 pixels per inch. The “227 pixels per inch” creates an outstanding vivid, clear image on the screen. These features, although subtle, are important for different scenarios in a college student’s …show more content…
The MacBook contains 128Gb of storage causing no issue with the copious amount of documents that will be saved. This laptop also contains the IOS system software. This can cause compatibility issues with some documents that were previously saves on a Windows computer. Most schools offer the documents online and also in either software therefore this is a small issue at hand.
Finally, the last criterion to look at is the price of the computer at hand. The MacBook Pro is priced at 1200$ at the moment(Apple Store). That is an outrageous price when you see others that handle as well for half the price. On the other hand, paying more upfront can save you more down the road. The laptop attracts many customers because of its connectivity with other apple products, however; its unnecessary and too pricey. Obviously the MacBook Pro loses this one.
In conclusion, the MacBook Pro can be seen as a quality choice for any college student. The computer meets most of the basic criteria and even surpasses some as well. For any college student that is looking for a reliable computer that meets their basic requirements for there four years can look at the MacBook Pro. However, by no means, is this the best or only choice as there are plenty of other laptops, this just shows that a MacBook Pro meets the criteria for the average college

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