Compare And Contrast Mac Vs Pc

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Every school year students consider which laptop is most beneficial to maintain a successful school year. According to compass learning, “more than million students and 70,000 teachers in 10,000 schools nationwide use company personalized learning solutions, including Apple and Google devices” (Associates Programs: Apple sells more devices than google). There are many factors to determine which computer is most compatible to a student. The operating system, processor chipset, personal use, value and quality are all the aspects that you should consider while purchasing a computer. Mac and PC are the most competitive and popular brands that 65 percent of college student’s purchase. Their laptops are also the primary devices student will spend thousands of dollars on every school year. Mac computers are manufactured by Apple that run on a Mac OS X operating system. Apple makes their own computers which is a reason it is more cost efficient than PC’s. In Apple’s computer business they have complete access and control of their hardware and software. This means that they immediately test and make hardware to see if it compatible with their system unlike PC’s. Mac computers are also compatible with their IOS software that is on their IPODs, IPADs, and …show more content…
Mac computers are indefinitely pricier than Pc’s. “Apple’s average Mac selling price is at $1300” (Hughes, PC Sales). . PC’s are generally way less pricey than Mac computers. Based on personal use and personal preferences people can find a decent laptop for less than $400. Currently, Apple offers just five computer lines: the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, the iMac and the Mac Pro, which means they have less options to choose from based on the value. PC’s once again have several different manufacturers that you can choose from that are more and less expensive than others. Either way it goes you get what you pay for regardless if it’s a Mac computer or

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