Mac Vs Pc Research Paper

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A very good comparison would be between Macs and PCs in order to figure out which of the two is more secure and faster by examining the operating system, Drivers, software, and hardware. Many consumers have always considered the macs to be very secure and against viruses, and PCs to be more vulnerable to viruses. Apple also used its secure operating system as one of the main selling points. So this comparison will try to find out if they still are the most secure. This will also find out which can be considered to be faster and responsive.
The first point of comparison between these computers is the operating systems that come installed with these computers. The Macs come preinstalled with OSX and Windows PCs comes preinstalled with their latest OS
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There is a wide variety of hardware that can determine how fast, powerful and even secure your PC can be. Macs do not have a large selection of hardware to choose from. Apple releases only one set of hardware every year that is proprietary and not upgradable except for its hard drive in case you need more storage. This makes the consumers buy their products yearly if they want the latest features from their products. On the other hand, the PCs can be either purchased from manufacturers or you can go to your local electronic store and make your own PC from a wide range of hardware. Even if your PC is a couple of years old, you may be able to switch out some of its components to make your computer feel fast and responsive. It can even make PCs faster and more responsive than Macs for a more reasonable price.
Looking at this comparison, it can be established that Macs are more secure and faster that Windows PCs. Windows has a bigger collection of software and hardware customization that may be a big reason why most people may want to go with Windows PCs. They both have very good operating systems. It is entirely up to you to pick what computer may be right for

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