Argumentative Essay On Apple Vs. Android

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Trevor Leonhardt
Argumentative Essay
11 October 2016
Apple vs Android
340,000. That 's how many iPhones sold in the year of 2012, Per day. Apple Inc. has been slowly making there way to the top since 1976. Apple has created many devices since 1976, and since then, Apple has created better features on there phones, Apple had added things like fingerprint recognition lockscreen, better looking home screens, more apps, etc. Some may argue that android is better than Apple because Android might have more features or easier to use software, but one may argue that Apple is most definitely better than android.
Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, a 26 year old man, and, Steve Jobs, 21, both college dropouts. Their friendship began several years earlier when Wozniak, a talented Engineer, Taught himself how to build Electronics. He Began building boxes that allowed him to make long-distance phone calls for free. The pair sold several hundred boxes.

Paragraph One
Apple Has much more sales than Android. Apple in 2012, Sold 340,000 iPhone 4s’s, If a iPhone 4s was 199$ back then, Apple would make 67 Million dollars per day, and if there is 365 days in a year, 67 Million times 365 is 24,455,000,000, so Apple would make an Estimate of 24 Trillion Dollars, which is a lot of money, So much money that if Steve Jobs were
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Apple has better Sales each year, they are easier to use and have up to date updates and also they have better safety than Android phones have. Apple today is a 113 Billion dollar company, and they will still keep growing bigger than android. This topic is fought often around the globe and some people have gone so far to buy every single product and test every single feature to show people that one side is better, Now think about it, does one want to lose personal info due to hackers? Does one want easier to use features on a nice looking iPhone? Than one may assume that Apple is for

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