Persuasive Speech About Apple

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One of the most recognizable brands in our modern society, not only in the United States, but in the entire world, is Apple. Take a stroll across campus and you will find iPhones and MacBooks in the hands of just about every other student. It makes you wonder what is so hypnotizing about this partially eaten apple that makes these products so overwhelmingly popular with our generation. Now consider that somehow, even though they will all tell you otherwise, these Apple users we see every day are an infectious virus whose sole purpose of being is to multiply themselves for the benefit of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Sound like a tin-foil hat theory, right? In reality, this theory might not be as extreme as I have portrayed it to be, but it’s closer than you might think. Apple thrives off of zealots who will defend them to the death and yet have no idea why. Whether this is their doing, or more likely, our societies’ is a moot point, but I urge that you not be taken advantage of so easily. Apple products may pass in quality, but their popularity is due to our human nature. Humans feel the need to fit in, and Apple …show more content…
Many will assert that the easy-to-use interface is why they choose to purchase their devices, in spite of the fact that many Androids attempt to mimic the iPhone’s interface. Another portion of the users will say that it is because they are more protected from malware and viruses. While this may be true there are many malicious software that take advantage of this making the naïve regret their decision. One of the most ridiculous claims I’ve seen is “You can run Windows on a Mac so why would I buy a PC?” My point, however, is not to argue whether PC or Mac is better, or if iPhones outclass Android. I simply wish to inform you of the real reason people buy Apple products. One that is right in front of our faces, but we just can’t see

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