Btec Level 3 P3 Case Study

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P3- Compare the ways in which at least two organisations of your choice apply the marketing mix (7P’s) to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives
Definition of marketing mix
When it comes to defining marketing mix in words, then it would be referred as the actions and methods used by a business to promote their products or services. The marketing mix is important, because each of the elements on the diagram above influence each other when taking decisions. These 7P’s make up the whole business plan and if they are practiced in the right way there would be a great success to the business. (The economic times, no date)
Title: Marketing Mix diagram:

Source- Marketing Mix diagram: The 7P’s
The 7P’s model first
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Changes in promotion could lead to either positive or negative changes in the success of the business. The main responsibility of the business is to examine the ways in which the customers are more likely to hear about the products or services. Experimenting in various ways whether it is promoting, advertising or selling could help business to make the final decision on how the business would become a successful one within their chosen market. (Tracy, …show more content…
Likewise for Apple, Samsung also use the skimming pricing strategy. They especially used the skimming strategy for products such as the Samsung Note 3+ gear which caught a lot of customer’s eyes. Samsung also uses the competitive pricing strategies. When it comes to kitchen appliances, Panasonic and LG are Samsung’s main competitors, therefore they use the competitive pricing to beat their competitors. (Bhasin, 2017)
Samsung has several distributional channels in the market. They are sold in supermarkets, game shops, and official Samsung stores, online and electrical retailers. In countries such as India (Mumbai), they have SSK to distribute all of Samsung’s products.(Bhasin, 2017)
Samsung use their promotion to attract customers as well as use strategies to push their products to them through sales promotions. Samsung ensure that their trade partners get offers and discounts in order to motivate them to sell their brand. (Bhasin, 2017)

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