Apple Marketing Strategy Essay

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Apple’s Marketing Strategy
Cece Caron
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
BU482 10/22/14

Apple Inc. is one of the most well-known information technology companies worldwide. So what contributes to their overall success rate? At the first glance some would most likely argue that their innovate ideas and products are what has helped Apple rise to the top, but underneath the surface is their unique and incomparable marketing strategy. It is so important for any company to develop and implement a marketing strategy that will set themselves apart from their competitors. This strategy is the foundation of what makes a company so successful. As this paper examines the components of Apples marketing strategy, compares and contrasts Apple
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Apple “keeps driving to improve and evolve the iPod range. For example, Apple switched to flash memory and away from the hard drive that had enabled the original model to be a success” (Fogg). Another author suggests that the reason Apple products are in such high demand is because “Apple is more than a series of products. It’s a brand experience.” (Joseph). Most people know and love the Apple brand. Its image is universal and easily recognizable, with a sleek design that separates its brand from competitors. “Apple enjoys the loyal following that it does because of the totality and consistency that comes from experiencing the products and the surround-sound that envelops them” (Joseph). Another part of their marketing strategy is not just with their products themselves but within their Apple store. “There are nearly 300 stores in the country right now, and each allows you to touch the brand and simultaneously be enveloped by it. Beehives of activity, the stores are filled with customers and technicians interacting. You can take a class, buy cool accessories or test-drive the latest Apple product” (Joseph). By allowing customers to experience new products first-hand, there is a level of intrigue …show more content…
One article points out that “a key part of Apple’s approach to products is that it deliberately creates devices that will appeal to the broadest possible market. However, many people don’t seem to understand that Apple doesn’t chase niche markets. All they know is that someone else in the industry has a phone with a feature that Apple doesn’t include” (Moltz). Therefore, if Apple wants to continue increasing their profits, they need to develop more products that appeal to a different kind of market or even a market that hasn’t been addressed or provided for. There is no doubt that sales would increase if there were more differentiation within Apple products as well as an increase in their overall market. After the loss of Steve Jobs, Apples marketing strategies plummeted. “Apple’s campaigns once embodied the company’s confidence and sense of purpose under Jobs. Along the way, they helped build a hugely positive public perception of the brand and cement its status” (Gianatasio). If they truly want to make it back to where the company once was their marketers need to bring back the humor, simplicity, emotional attachment, and innovation that they once had. Now when a consumer sees an advertisement on television it is usually mocking Apples new products or pointing out what Apple doesn’t have. “Apple is so dominant that its voice-activated assistant Siri gets tweaked in biting Microsoft spots comparing Dell’s XPS 10 tablet to the iPad, while Samsung

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