Tim Cook Leadership Style

When Tim Cook took over Apple following Steve Jobs’ death, many wondered what kind of leader he would be. Cook was strong at executing on the operations of technology and design. He is willing to do things Jobs was against, such as making investors and employees happy with stock-buyback and charitable-giving programs. In November 2012, Apple donated $2.5 million to the American Red Cross to aid relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Tim Cook strongly believes in admitting when you are wrong. Strong leaders need to understand when they are wrong and admit it so that they can move forward. Cook has written an open letter on Apple’s website, finally apologizing for the fact that they fell short on launching the new Maps.

Tim Cook, as a leader
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Although one of the major disadvantages of Apple is its high price, its high standard of quality makes it distinctive.

Apple took products/technologies that were already out on the market and made them more consumer-friendly. Things that seemed too hard to use where suddenly simple and convenient. That was the real innovation. Their products are very unique from the other competitive products.

Apple is also known for its uniqueness. Apple follows a great marketing strategy in their business and advertisements, pamphlets of Apple Products truly stand eye candid and creates a positive impression about the product. Apple focus o perfection in every device they manufacture.

The current stock price is $93.99 compared to $115 per share 6 months ago.

Given Apple has been a top ten holding in the Fund since inception, the stock’s 35% decline from its Fall peak, and that Apple’s stock is also one of the largest decliners in the S&P 500 this year, we thought it timely to review our thoughts on the
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He can be described as a transformational leader since he was able to motivate and influence the employees at Apple to be able to achieve the high standard of regulation. It is believed that the success of Apple was tremendously a result of Jobs’ captivating personality.

Apple makes huge commitment t sustainability and considers their environmental impact during the earliest stages of design. Apple has concentrated its effort to address the negative effect it has on the environment. For over twenty years, Apple has strove to reduce the environmental impact of product production. They do so by measuring the carbon footprint every year and devising plans to reduce it. Apple runs every data center with 100% renewable energy.

Providing employees with the opportunity to be flexible with their work and creativity while maintaining their productivity in the workplace. Making sure that their employees are financially stable and stipend for employees’ transportation through shuttle services.

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