Apple's Value Chain Analysis Essay

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Resources and competencies/capabilities of a company are two most integral parts of the strategic capabilities of any company. In the most simplest terms Apple’s strategic capabilities can be divided in two forms i.e. Tangible and Intangible resources.

Apple’s tangible resources include the CEO, Tim Cook, employees, the integrated system of software and hardware, its retail store all across the world. Whereas, some of the intangible resources include its brand name, unique design, cash In hand and a loyal customer database.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook has proved himself to be a good leader despite the criticism that no one can replace Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has exceptional operational skills. Apple in the fiscal year 2015 sold 300 million devices and
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However, certain resources outstand others as they offer a sustained advantage like Brand Name. As per a study conducted by Hurun Research Institute Apple ranked at the top for gifting between China’s wealthiest men and women in 2014. It surpassed luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Cartier. This further adds to our brand that Apple has a great brand and valuable brand name. Forbes also ranked apple as having the highest brand value.
Sustained advantage for apple is also achieved for its hardware, software and their integration together as well. Through the vertical integration of its software and hardware apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs came up with a while new suite of products like Ipad, Imac, Iphone and
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Even though manufacturing is done by the OEM, it outsources its own material from the suppliers. Apple employees more than 76000 people in the US, to carry out its operations. It makes sure that its product designs are highly recyclable and also has a program to make sure the products are recycled responsibly. A customer can simply go to an apple store and give their old devices there.

Outbound Logistics
Apple uses various channels to sell its products. One of the most common ways is through Apple stores; it gives a personalized touch and also act as an branding activity. In order to save money, apple also has an online store where products are shipped directly to the buyer from their warehouse or directly from the manufacturer overseas. Apple also makes sure that it has an efficient yet effective packaging of its products. They make sure that the packaging is safe for the product and at the same time not too heavy or space consuming.

Marketing and

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