Apple's Code Of Conduct Case Study

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All over the world, factories and people are creating Apple products. Apple is a company that takes their workers, suppliers and products seriously, alongside making sure that all aspects as far as the environment are taken care of as safely as possible. Apple also wants to make sure that their workers are educated and have a chance to grow which is why they created curriculums and training programs to educate workers. It is a huge job but every year Apple comes up with changes to keep up with the changing times.
Changes that Apple has made to its Code of Conduct in recent years.
As Apple being such a big company it is their responsibility to take all the precautionary actions to ensure that their code of conduct for suppliers is constantly being changed to meet current standards of life. Apple has to make sure that their company and suppliers take the social and environmental responsibility seriously. Which is why Apple has a specific team that actively
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During each audit, Apple has a grading system that ranks suppliers on just about 100 data points matching it up to each section of our Supplier Code of Conduct. Apple audits are recognized to improve supplier obedience and every year Apple reviews and raises their requirements (“Apple Supplier Code of Conduct”, 2016). The audit process has 5 steps that are listed on their website. Preparation, Onsite Audit, Corrective Action, Monitor, and Verify Remediation. The audits have been increased to ensure that all proper procedures are in place and that there is no signs of document falsification, negative environmental impacts, and involuntary labor. In 2014, factories that were audited two times scored at a 25 percent higher than those facilities with first-time audits and factories audited three times or more scored 31 percent higher rating than those (“Apple Supplier Responsibility 2015 Progress Report”,

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