Ipod Culture Impact

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With technology being so readily available and how expensive the products can be, it is amazing the fan base and loyalty behind Apple products specifically. As investigated above, there is no reason Apple products are priced the way they are except for consumers still buying the products despite the price. Barclay Ballard states, "Apple has cultivated a sense of brand loyalty that most companies can only dream of." Most of Apple 's customers have owned Apple products before and have no plans on switching companies nor look into the other companies available. This is one of the things that drives this mentality and the continued popularity of the products. Apple truly has made an impact on the world 's culture, appearing in various tv shows …show more content…
The iPod was the turning point for Apple. Before this, they only sold computers. This product was different to the company and the world. In an interview with Erik Manassy, a self proclaimed "Apple fanboy," he agreed this is what put Apple on top. When prompted to talk about what he thought of Apple 's impact on culture he stated, "Apple started in the computer and OS Business but blew it wide open when they introduced portable hardware, specifically the iPod. Being able to carry your entire collection around on your person changed an entire music industry." This statement could not be more true. Apple took the idea of the iPod and backed it up with an online store filled with digital music. This alone helped shape Apple making it one of the leaders in music sales. The iPod culture is a fascinating one. When it first came out, young people wanted them, allowing the industry, and Apple, to explode to a new audience. Having any other product made one "uncool" and drove the consumers to buy it. Simply having an iPod put one in the same crowd as everyone else, and that is where one wanted to …show more content…
Apple products are everywhere, including the box office and small screen. "In the last decade (2001-today), Apple-branded products appeared in one-third of all number one films at the US box office, " (Sauer, 2011). This statistic is insane and evident its impact on the culture. People are affected by anything they see and watch, and seeing enough Apple products can make one believe they are insanely popular even if they are not. Despite all this publicity, Apple does not pay for any of it 's advertising spots. It is more than happy to give away products that are used in both television shows and

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